Thursday, April 2, 2015

명동 칼국수

명동 칼국수 
time square mall (among many locations)

what was consumed: 칼국수, 보쌈 정식

on a rainy day, kenny and i head to the time square mall because what better way is there to stay dry! and i had never been. of course, everyone in seoul thought the same thing (though going to malls/shopping areas is not something new for koreans) so a gillion of my closest friends and i spent the afternoon navigating the crowds at the mall.

in an effort to enjoy some delicious eats, kenny and i took a seat at myung-dong kahl-gook-soo, and the "myung-dong" style is supposed to be one of the best. kahl-gook-sooh is such a comforting food, especially on cold/rainy days with the warm broth and the chewy flour noodles. at this location in time square, they served a beef broth and while i prefer a seafood broth, the beef is also delicious. i also like that they serve a set menu. this allowed me to enjoy some steamed pork belly along with a small serving of the noodles. i love noodles! we also started our meal with some steamed mandoo (k-dumplings) which we gobbled up quickly.  


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