Tuesday, December 31, 2013

dean & deluca

@the avenues, phase 2

i've never been to dean&deluca in the states (primarily in nyc). there was always something so ... pretentious? expensive? hoity toity? about it and i kept my distance. and then i came to kuwait (haha).

following great tradition, b and i met for brunch, but this time at a location separate from our usual digs (i've been trying to get her to branch out ... and i keep trying!) just for kicks. since we were thinking of going to the avenues to peruse later on anyway, we thought to check out dean&deluca.

here's the thing about dean&deluca. they have quite a bit of "outdoor" seating and there is always high demand for those spots (we sat inside. we didn't really care). turns out, the sense of "being seen" is more important than anything else, but my commentary on local society will be kept for another day (and maybe another blog - haha).

the eats at dean&deluca are as expected - high(er) quality materials will yield some tasty treats. that said, while i'm not surprised that the meal was yummy, there was still a part of me that was worried that it would get messed up (there's always that possibility). so, b and i stuffed ourselves silly.

i don't do my grocery shopping at dean&deluca - it is still too pricey for me (though i know some people who exclusively shop here. why?!). there are a few things that i'll pick up at dean&deluca, though - cheeses, "cured" meats, that sort of thing. i realized that whether i purchase them on the local economy or from d&d, they're about the same price. if that's the case, why not get the fancy stuff, right? haha - something like that.

i'll have to do a comparison once back in the states. in the meantime, i have the kuwaiti branch to keep me company and my belly full.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

red lobster

red lobster

yes, red lobster is in kuwait (along with a slew of other american chains, of course). the first, i believe, was at the avenues (in the grand avenue. red lobster opened at the same time as the olive garden and the cheesecake factory, neither of which i've eaten at here in kuwait). the second is in the area next to the palms. and while i prefer locally owned places over chains (i will sometimes poo poo on chains. despite visiting frequently. hahahaha), there's something about seeing them when overseas that brings a sense of ... comfort. when red lobster opened, there was a bit of excitement, at least on my part. the reason, more than anything else, was because of this:

l and i met for dinner one day for the sole purpose of eating delicious cheese biscuits. we made sure cheese biscuits, and as many as we wanted, were going to be served to us. we both ordered lunch-portion dishes and proceeded to ask for basket after basket of the warm and soft cheese biscuits. i'm normally not a bread-y person, but there's something about these biscuits - the cheese and the savory salt that is sprinkled on top. nom nom nom. l and i may have had a few baskets a piece, which incited a bit of shock (and maybe agitation) as we kept asking for more. and ingested them all before leaving the office.

must. go. back. hehehehe.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

container 75

container 75
jabriya block 1a, behind champion gym
tel: 25310075

more for the kuwait burger challenge!

container 75 ... ! it's literally a shipping container. with seats. and a kitchen. from where they serve burgers. and other yummy things to eat. and so, it was a pretty easy decision to head to container 75 as a new addition to the Q8 burger challenge.

there are just a few seats inside container 75. there were enough to accommodate our small group. we were also there at a reasonable dinner hour (7ish) so the container wasn't crowded. i imagine it's quite crowded later in the evening and i did see their delivery guy go in and out quite a few times.

we started our meal with some jalapeno poppers, fries, steak salad ... you know. some usual things. per others' recommendation,  i ordered the steak salad (the price seemed a bit high) and i'm glad that i did. it's important to have veggies, of course, and having quite a bit of steak accompany with the greens is always a plus.

... and then the burgers! container 75 offers quite a few burger varieties. i like that container 75 allows you to select whether you want your burger as a slider or as a regular sized burger. it lets me know that my burger is made to order and not sitting in the back just hanging out for someone to order it.

i frequently think about going back to container 75 for burgers. the Q8 burger challenge continues, but i imagine i'll be back eating in this container sooner than later. nom nom nom. hurrah!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


area 8, street 80, al shaab, al bahri, kuwait
tel: 22659590,22659598

what was consumed: omakase menu, an assortment of rolls
yay for japanese food!

there was a rumor that edo was the place that, at one time, all of the japanese diplomats sought out for a taste of home. i don't know how true that is today (i hear lots of them go to kei - i have not yet been! one day. one day!), but i wanted to check it out for myself. having lived in japanese food friendly places in the past, and having the ability to eat massive amounts of sushi in one sitting, i feel that while i may not be the best judge of good japanese food, i'm not a bad one.

the ambiance at edo is quite nice. you can sit at the sushi bar and watch some of the chefs put plates together, or you can opt for the more standard eating arrangement (and they'll accommodate small and large groups). edo serves some solid rolls, though they lean toward being expensive.

every time i go to edo, i see quite a few expats. i'm sure there are many reasons why they go, the food just being one of them. i imagine i'll find myself back at edo sooner than later.