Sunday, November 13, 2016

chaaye khana

chaaye khana
shop # 11, block b united bakery plaza super market, F-6 markaz, islamabad
tel: 051) 8312192

what was consumed: stuffed french toast, omelet, coffee (with donut)

looking for a bustling place to enjoy some tea and brunch-y foods? put chaaye khana on your list! 

the first time i visited, it was for a farewell brunch for a good colleague/friend. we were sad to see her depart from post, but happy that we got to try chaaye khana in her honor.

the food is tasty (be sure to get an order of the stuffed french toast, to share at least. it's a little rich/sweet for my liking, but i was happy to enjoy bites of BJL's ;) the stuffed french toast also seemed to be the most popular, as quite a few of them passed our table. the toast is crispy on the outside, deliciously filled on the inside with a light cream). their pakistani options are quite a treat as well! 

chaaye khana is proud of their very large tea selection. tea drinkers, rejoice! chaaye khana takes it very serious, and i'm glad that they do; their selection is amazing and the tea looks (and smells) delish. but for an avid coffee drinker like me, my palate isn't accustomed to the subtle notes of delicate teas. lucky for me, coffee is also an option (phew!). they serve coffee in french presses (just as they serve all of their teas). if you order coffee, you also get a donut (for better or for worse). i'll just take the coffee, please. a lots of it!

be sure to get to chaaye khana early (or just test your luck. not sure if they take ressies) because it's always super packed.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

classic rock coffee co.

classic rock coffee co.
#6-7, first floor, shaukat plaza, school road, F-6 markaz, islamabad
tel: 051) 873-6437

what was consumedomelet, nutella french toast, bottomless (drip) coffee

yay for coffee and classic rock!

if you're looking for a fun place to brunch, put classic rock on your list! they have a nice selection of eats, along with fruit juices, smoothies, and coffees (including pour over - nice). and, really, you can't go wrong with a place that offers an all-you-can-drink drip coffee option (imo). the mexican omelet i ordered was really intersting, with the eggs inside of the bread. coupled with what seemed to be a cross between a tostada salad and nachos, it was a perfect meal with a bit of tex mex spice i had been looking for.

the slabs of bread that the pakistanis use here for french toast is different from what i'm used to, but a welcome surprised. and when topped with dollops of nutella, it's a delicious and sweet brunch option.

and be sure to pay attention to all of the little details they put in with the decor and music. classic rock lovers (loose definition, of course) will definitely appreciate all of the little things - the decorated walls, the guitar chairs, even the bathroom!

i didn't know that this islamabad location is just one of many. i'm glad to see that whoever it was that loved coffee and classic rock brought it here for us to enjoy. thanks so much!