Thursday, October 27, 2016

the loft

the loft
plot 15, bhitai road, F-7 markaz, islamabad, pakistan
tel: 051) 8317589/90

what was consumed: brunch! nutella stuffed french toast, huevos rancheros, shakshuka

the loft! after struggling to find its location (the motorpool driver didn't know and i couldn't find an address online! lucky for me, friends knew where it was and brilliantly directed me), i was happy to be sitting with new friends about to enjoy delicious food:

i want to go back to try their "korean bowl," whatever that is. people seem to love it, but i will be the judge! but if it's like the brunch i had, then i have a feeling i'll enjoy it very much. yaaassssss~~~

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

la maison

la maison

house 16, street 47, F-7/1, islamabad, pakistan
tel: 051) 8441341

what was consumed: delicious delicious food. lots of cheese (apparently flown in, weekly, FROM FRANCE). fresh bread. foie gras. steak (tenderloin, i believe) with morels, and frites. and a delicious chocolate cake.

oh, la maison. i'm so glad you exist. i'm not sure how or why or what brings your owner to pakistan (and islamabad more specifically), but i'm glad that he's here and that i can make reservations at his delicious restaurant.

i loved that once we sat down, waiting for the rest of our party, we were treated to a few tastes of deliciousness to include cheese from quetta and bits of cured meats atop freshly made bread (i definitely recommend making reservations if you're going as part of a group, even if it's a small group).

i love that when you order cheese, the server comes with a giant platter of cheese and you get to pick and choose from the variety. that always makes me want to eat all. the. cheese. my eyes are definitely larger than my stomach. but is that necessarily bad? i'm not sure.

and the steak! mine was cooked to a nice medium rare and was coupled so well with morel mushrooms and delicious sauce. YUM.

and to top it all off, our order of chocolate cake that we so decadant and dense. the one cake was enough for all of us (though more of a reflection of our bellies already having been stuffed with cheese!).

la maison, even with french prices, you'll see me again, and very soon at that. thanks for welcoming me with open arms.