Monday, November 10, 2008


2434 18th street NW, washington, DC 20009
tel: 202) 462-4100
hours: 11am-12am monday-thursday, 11am-2am friday-sunday
what was consumed: ... i forget. it's been quite some time since i've been (probably because adams morgan is soo far and i've found some other places that have taken my fancy~)
i love ethiopian food (have i mentioned that before? hahaha). i love injera, i love the dishes, i love eating with my hands. when i first came to DC, people were telling me to go to meskerem. i ended up having ethiopian at awash first, but christine and i head over to meskerem just a few days later.
the food at meskerem was good. they have the usual ethiopian fare (i.e., i ask the server what i want and ask him/her to choose according to his/her judgement - ha!), though i'll have to admit that their spicy was not as spicy as i like it. good injera as well - delicious! also, they have a great honey wine - i definitely recommend it. the ambiance is good as well - very "authentic," or so i'm told (what do i know?!) with the tables, chairs, decor. the downside is that this pretty popular ethiopian restaurant is located in the even more popular adams morgan. aka a wait to get in, lots of people ... both a pro and con. maybe i'm just impatient - ha!
online: (under construction)

ye chon

ye chon
4121 hummer road, annandale, VA 22003
tel: 703) 914-4646
hours: 24 hours!
what was consumed: seafood pancake, ahl-tang (spicy roe soup - my favorite!), dol-soht bi-bim-bahp (rice and veggies and stuff mixed in a stone bowl), lots of bahn-chan (side dishes), etc.
i love korean food. granted, being korean puts me in a place to have had lots of good korean food, made the way mom makes it (and yes, my mom is a fabulous korean gourmet! she also does things organically and is often apt to experiment with asian fusion dishes. i could go on forever about my mom ^_^). also, having spent many of my life's years in, and then in seoul (i miss eating in korea!! so so so good~), i've been spoiled with being able to get good korean food out of the home as well. of course, everyone's preference is going to be different.
my absolute favorite when i go out to eat non-bbq korean food is ahl-tang (spicy roe soup). yechon makes one that's quite good and it comes out in a stone bowl, the way that it should. there is a lot of roe mixed in with the standard fixin's (radish, onions, etc.) in a spicy broth - yum! sometimes, people make this soup too salty (or maybe i prefer my food with less salt), but yechon makes it well. i've already had it a couple of times and each time i've enjoyed it (without having to add water to make it less salty). people tell me that this is what you're supposed to eat when you drink soju (people have even looked at me funny for having it while not drinking adult beverages - who cares, folks! let me enjoy), but i find myself eating it all the time! delicious~
probably the most popular dish of all is the dohl-sot bi-bim-bahb. not necessarily the most popular for me, but all of my non-korean friends look and ask about it. it's a rice bowl with veggies, egg, and some meats in a stone bowl. the rice sizzles when they bring it to you and you let it sit just for a little bit so that the rice on the bottm toasts quite nicely. you then mix the ingredients for some grand deliciousness! i usually add a nice helping of hot red bean paste to add some delicious spice to the dish.
yechon is a great place to go to for some good korean eats any time of the day. they have a pretty extensive menu (with japanese treats as well), so it's a good idea to have a general idea about what it is you want beforehand. a note about the service - the service at yechon is much like any other korean restaurant (for those who have been to korean restaurants, you know what i'm talking about). be aware that, especially on the weekends, lots of young folks head to yechon at the end of their weekend's festivities. they don't sell alcohol after 2am (i think it's then), but a nice hot bowl of soup is a great way to end the day ^_~

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

dr. granville moore's brickhouse

dr. granville moore's brickhouse
1238 h stree NE, washington, dc 20002
tel: 202) 399-2546
hours: monday-thursday 5pm-12am, friday-saturday 5 pm-3 am, sunday 5pm-12am
what was consumed: moules! and pom frites with dipping sauces/aiolis ... oh, and BEER
mussels, mussles, mussles! so so so delicious. so, when jess and christine, one day long ago, suggested trying out a "new" belgian place, i was not one to argue. i mean, come on - what is better than some delicious mussels, pom frittes, and belgian beer? very little, my friend, very little. granville moore's has a variety of different moules "flavors." be sure to drink up every last morsel - first with the mussels, then by dipping bread, and finally by dipping your pom frittes (maybe that last one is just something christine and i do - ha!). be free to try different types (or have people in your party try different ones) as to sample the variety here.
but before i go on, let me tell you a bit about the location of granville moore's. the first time we went, we searched up and down the street for about 15 minutes (and that's after we parked. godo thing it wasn't too hot outside!). and no, it's not really metro accesible (sucks!). we asked a number of individuals and it wasn't until we spoke with someone who worked nearby that we were directed correctly. you see, granville moore's doesn't have a large sign. in fact, the small sign, looking more like the informational plates in front of a doctor's office, barely indicated that a restaurant was behind its doors. no matter - once you walk in, the wondering scents waft through your nostrils as your stomach begins to grumble with hunger.
for those of you who are anti-shellfish, not to fear! granville moore's also has a selection of other deliciousness. of the rest, i would recommend the steak sandwich or bison burger and, of course, pom frittes. i've also tried their bison tartare, which is also delicious (though definitely appetizer in portions). i want to try their crabcake sandwich, salads, and other entrees, but there's just something about the moules~ i can't seem to order anything else. ahhh~
the last time i went back, there were a few alterations to the menu. they didn't have all of the dipping sauces from before (but they had some new ones, so the actual number of dipping sauces was the same). the prices were also a little different (which is probably expected, especially with the way the economy is right now ... drat!). nonetheless, i will find myself at granville moore's again ... soon! hooray!

Friday, July 25, 2008

belga cafe

belga cafe
514 8th street SE, washington, dc 20003
tel: 202) 544-0100
hours: lunch (11:30am-2:30pm), sunday-thursday dinner (5:30pm-10:30pm), friday-saturday (5:30pm-11:30 pm)
what was consumed: beer, mussels, fries
christine kept telling me about some pleace she would go to in eastern market to eat this and that. i would always tell her to take me with her the next time she goes, but she'd always reply with one of those "oh, we went on the fly" sorts of things. yeah, right (haha - just kidding!). point is, i finally got a chance to go (woohoo!!).
so, we had reservations for a friday night meal, which was good because the restaurant was pretty filled. maybe that's the nature of restaurants in DC this time of year - the people sitting next to us were tourists (they told us they were from the midwest when they asked about how to eat mussels). or maybe it's because it's just a friday night ...
soon after being seated, we ordered our beers (leffe for me!). it's nice to have a couple of belgian beers on tap, i'm sure. and then, of course, the bottle beers ... and then, the eating selection! there were so many things on the menu, i wasn't sure where to begin. do i go the mussels route? or do i go the fancy entree route? or do i do a smorgasboard of small plates (as i'm often seen to do)? or ... aish. when at new restaurants that have such large selections, these are the things that plague my mind - ahhh!!
so, i decided on the mussels - who can resist? of course, that was after contemplating other dishes. i was trying to see what other people were ordering, but i didn't get to see all that much. nonetheless, the mussels we ordered were served quite quickly and they were also quite delicious! the mussels came with fries as well. now, while they didn't seem to be the color of the twice fried fries that i've seen at other places, they were delicious enough~ even funnier was when ketchup was asked for, the server looked so taken aback - ketchup? how could we! haha ... i prefer my fries with ranch and/or other sauces anyway ...
belga cafe also had some great service. our server was attentive and i believe the head guy came out at one point! i don't know what it is, but i think it's great when the owner/chef comes out to greet and interact with his/her patrons.
i'm sure i will head to belga cafe again sometime soon. it's close proximity to my house helps, but it is more the food and ambiance draws me back!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

idlywood grill & wine bar

idlywood grill & wine bar
2190 pimmeit drive unit b, falls church, va 22043
tel: 703) 992-0915
hours: lunch (monday-friday, 11:30 am–2pm), dinner (monday-thursday, 5pm–9:30pm; friday & saturday 5pm–10pm)
what was consumed: vegetable linguini, wine~
as many know, i do not have a car (for now ...). as a result, i rarely frequent locations that are neither metro accessible nor walking distance from wherever i happen to be (i.e., home). but on this night, having both a ride to and fro, i head out to the suburbs for a night of good eats, and good sights. you see, a few friends and i decided to go out to eat before watching 'the dark knight' at the IMAX theatre out in the country of virginia (woohoo! IMAX!!). we met up at henry's place (to which i am scared to go back to for fear of being assaulted (again) by (for real) crazy ladies in the building!) and then head out to idlywood grill & wine bar.
the grill & wine bar, being in a shopping center, didn't look like anything special from the outside (but perhaps that is typical of suburban eateries in shopping centers ... gawd, i've been out of the 'burbs for some time now). but when you step in, there's just something about the place. the ambiance, the candlelight, the people, the fragrance of food ...
i almost got the seafood linguini (which is what i usually get when i have pasta). that was also what our server recommended. and while i know that each place has its own version of seafood pasta, i felt so boring by ordering "the usual." because i wanted to be different, i got the vegetable linguini (on top of wanting some beloved veggies). and boy, was it delicious! the variety of vegetables were cooked and season so that they were nice and juicy, filled with flavor. the linguine was cooked just the way i like it (not too al dente and definitely not overcooked), and the oil based sauce was just what i wanted, what i needed (i love pasta!). the only thing was ... i was hesitant to order pasta because i know that i have a tendency to get some pretty bad food coma post eating, and even more so after pasta! but the pasta others were eating and my own favor for such dishes won over. let me tell you - it was worth it!
i also tried the gnocci (and artichoke hearts) in a creamy pesto sauce that came along with the salmon entree (and, you know, i'm a sucker for gnocci - i love it!) which was also delicious. i love the faint flavor of potato that you taste as the gnocci melts in your mouth. it was combined well with the creamy pesto sauce, though some may say that the pesto and cream are a bit overwhelming. i thought it was more of a compliment to the creaminess of the gnocci. delicious!
in addition to the fantastic food, i'll have to say that the service was great (maybe that's because henry, a 'regular' at this place, was with us). they have a somalier on staff (who, i believe, also happens to be the owner of the place) who recommended some great wine to us. there was concensus at the table that the wines went really well with all of our meal selections (at least that's what the people i was with were saying. i'm not a wine-o, so i know little about wine outside of enjoying it - hee hee).
if there is a next time, i will be sure to save some room for dessert (even though i'm normally not a huge fan). there was a large variety of options that sounded oh so tasty. too bad there was no room in my stomach ... too bad!

Monday, July 21, 2008

dinosaur bbq

dinosaur bbq
646 west 131st street, new york, NY 10027-7948
tel: (212) 694-1777
hours: tuesday-thursday 11:30am-11pm, friday-saturday 11:30am-12am, sunday 12pm-10pm
what was consumed: bbq! and lots of it ... oh, and fried green tomatoes and chili
christine lived in nyc for a number of years and spent the majority of her time up in the upper west side ... or rather, the harlem area - so much goes on there! one of the great things up there was dinosaur bbq. on one of my visits from seoul to nyc, she insisted that we go there. now, at this time, i was new to bbq and was mostly preoccupied with eating all things american (remember, i had been in seoul for a while by now). "american" means bbq, right? haha - some version of that anyway.
now, christine warned me about their large portions of deliciousness. their large menu was overwhelming, so i left all of the ordering up to her. salads, fried green tomatoes, chili, bbq platters ... all of those things began to come out of her mouth as she began to order all of the different things for the few who were at our table. most definitely, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs (i.e., we ordered WAY too much food), but let me tell you, all of it was so delicious! the meat was seasoned well, the sauce was delicious (though i'll probably order sauce on the side the next time around - i'm not really a sauce person, as you know), the fried tomatoes were crisp, the chili was just a bit spicy (i like my chili a bit spicier, but i'll deal) ... oh, delicious bbq! the servers were also friendly and the rustic ambiance of the interior made eating bbq feel that much more appropriate.
since then, i have tried a number of different bbqs and am even intrigued to try more! but i will always remember the "early" days with my time at dinosaur bbq.
when christine and i went to nyc with willie, we made sure to visit dinosaur bbq again. now, i may go to the extent of saying that willie is a bbq aficianado. he knows good bbq (as well as good food, of course), so we wnated to see what his reaction was (i guess to make sure we weren't just a couple of korean american girls with carnivorous tendencies - haha). willie gave his thumbs up (woohoo!) and we often still speak of the bbq experience in nyc. the last time i was at dinosaur bbq, though, was with christine and willie - since then, the folks that i've been with in nyc have been more preoccupied with the southern parts of the city. but don't fret, dear dinosaur bbq - we will make it back! hee hee ...
oh, and just another note: for dinner, i've heard this place packs in quite quickly (and quite full). if possible, making reserverations is recommended (but for some reason, i feel as though making reservations wasn't an option? hmm ... i've forgotten). nonetheless, i'd say that if you're craving bbq, it's totally worth the wait!

Friday, July 18, 2008

mcginty’s public house & restaurant

mcginty's public house and restaurant
911 ellsworth drive, silver spring, md 20910
tel: 301) 587-1270
what was consumed: shepherd's pie, beer ...
deep in the heart of texas ... oh, wait - whoops. i mean ... deep in the heart of downtown silver spring, md, there is a lovely irish pub/bar/restaurant called mcginty's public house.
i've been a number of times since my first time, but i'll have to say that i remember vividly the first time i was there. i had recently moved out to the DC metro area and some 'new' friends of mine lived what felt like a million miles away (from my current residence in SE, it was more like 30 miles - i used to drive that in all the time and it was nothing! oh, how things have changed). we decided to hang out in the "new" downtown silver spring in order to grab a bite to eat and then head off to the theatre for a late showing of 'jackass 2.' mcginty's, at the time, was the only thing that was open (because not everything that's there now was there then and because it was pretty late). no matter - we were all up for some irish pub food and good beers (both of which we got).
i ended up getting the shepherd's pie. there's nothing like a pile of mashed potatoes on top of meat and potatoes!! yum~ it's been some time since i was last at mcginty's, but i do remember that i enjoyed the food the other people ordered as well (hahaha - sharing is caring!).
i've also been to mcginty's on pub quiz night (yay pub quiz!!). we got there toward the tail end, so we didn't get to play as much as i'd like. it was also not all crowded and nuts-o (as is the case with fado - review to come) which is both good and bad (depending on my mood). nonetheless, if you're looking for a nice, quiet pub quiz, mcginty's is the place~

Thursday, July 17, 2008


1942 9th street NW, washington, dc 20009
tel: 202) 232-7600
hours: daily, 11am-1am
what was consumed: lentil sambusa, veggie combo, some other carnivorous orders of which i have to ask about each time i eat ethiopian food (you'd think i'd know what i enjoy by now, right? ... umm ... no), lots of injera! and st. george beer (must remember that this is the one that we enjoyed~)
i love ethiopian food. friend jen said it best - you just want to take the injera and wrap it around you (no, wait ... is that weird? it just sounds so delicious!). and, for real, there is nothing like eating with your hands (is that too primordial? i don't think so. that's what fingers are for, right? haha).
prior to finally getting to etete, i had read a number of different reviews, yelp entries, etc. (i have taken to their recommendations (e.g. the veggie combo) and i'm glad i have! prior to my choice of etete, i frequented dukem and other ethiopian restaurants. they are also great and i've enjoyed my time there. but from now on/for the time being, the plan is to make etete my ethiopian home (hee hee).
i love how at some ethiopian restaurants, you'll order certain dishes and they will be served out of plastic plates a la homes of chinese friends/chinese restaurants. in the end, that doesn't matter ... provided that the food that comes atop them is delicious. the sambusa definitely was. crisp, light, a just a tad spicy (resulting from the pepper and jalapenos). if i remember correctly, i had originally ordered the beef sambusa. unfortunately, they were out, but that turned out to be ok because not only do i love lentils anyway, the lentil sambusa was delicious. the filling portion (i.e., not including the corners) was about the size of my palm, so this was a great appetizer - a great start to an even greater meal ...
each time i go, i order the veggie combo, sans fish (as recommended), along with some beef or lamb or chicken (depending on the mood and depending on whom i'm with). my preference is to get either the beef or lamb that comes in a spicy sauce/seasoning. when the server comes around and pours the contents of the bowl onto the large platter, the wafting scents fill my nostrils and all i can think about is taking the warm injera, wrapping it around some sort of filling, and stuffing my face ... YUM. hahahaha ... that's another thing about whenever i go to eat ethiopian food. for whatever reason, by the time the main entree comes out, i feel so hungry that i can't help but to sit and eat ... in silence. perhaps that's the sign of good food? haha ...
a note to future diners, a recommendation that was given unto me: the small quarter of the etete dining area (even upstairs) often fills up rather quickly. making reservations is a good idea, no matter the number of people in the party, no matter the time ...
oh, ethiopian food, i look forward to our next meeting!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

ollie's trolley

ollie's trolley
432 11th street NW, washington, dc 20004
tel: 202) 347-6119
what was consumed: hamburger, fries, soda
there is nothing like a good hamburger place. as "unsophisticated" as burgers may be, this classic american food is something i often crave. being a native, there is a special spot in my heart for in 'n out - their fresh burgers, made the way you want, is something i make sure i savor when in their delicious fresh cut fries also tugs at my taste buds more often than not. here on the east, i have found the joys of five guys (which i have also already written about). the burgers and fries are delicious and there's just something about trying to stack your burger as high as possible with all of the add-ons five guys offers. but here's the thing - as far as i'm concered, ollie's trolley an addition to my list as a place to grab a delicious burger.
whenever i go to the e street cinema, i see ollie's trolley. prior to my visit, i was often intrigued by it's name and that when you look inside, there are these large jars of picked peppers (peter piper style - ha!). a friend of mine also mentioned that he had gone there in the past and had enjoyed their burgers. on the day of the yellowcard concert, some friends and i finally made our way out to ollie's trolley to make own judgements on the eatery's wiles. finally - woohoo!
just as other reviews say, when you walk into ollie's trolley, you begin wondering what sort of thing had been there before. maybe a cross between the concession stand of a circus or a chuck e. cheese-esque dining facility for kids. nonetheless, it's something that anyone with eyes will be able to ignore. you then come to a fast food style ordering counter. while others may be a bit overwhelmed by the array of options, i already knew i was there for burgers, so my mind was set! (don't get me wrong, i did spend some time vacillating between other options. i quickly reminded myself that i wanted to try the burgers ... hee hee)
now, when it comes to their burgers, i will have to say that they know what they are doing! the flavors and seasonings of the burger mixed in with the veggies and cheese take me back to the days of my youth when classic bbq-ed burgers were on the menu. and their fries - yum! the salty seasonings that are on the fries serve as a nice compliment to the loveliness that is fried potato. others in my party also had their shakes, of which the individual continued to rave. darn my mild lactose intolerance! i also got to try their pickled peppers - a huge plus to their already enticing menu.
ollie's trolley has a slew of other things on their menu - i will have to go back and try. or maybe i'll just stick to my 'norm' of burgers and fries~
perhaps ollie's trolley is a bit more expensive than the average burger joint - i understand that. on top of that, in these "hard" economic times, some may wonder whether dishing out the cash will be worth it. i will leave that up to you. but as far as i'm concerned, i will keep ollie's trolley in mind when craving a burger~

Friday, June 27, 2008

regent thai

regent thai
1910 18th street NW, washington dc 20009
tel: 202) 232-1781
hours: lunch (noon-ish-3pm) monday-saturday, dinner (5pm-10ish) daily
what was consumed: delicious thai food! goong sarong, tom yum goong, pad see ew, red curry~
thai food is delicious. i don't remember who turned me on to it the first time, but whoever it was - thank you so much! the combination of flavors, the mix between sweet and salty and spicy, the prominence of rice noodles (i love rice noodles!), the presence of coconut milk, the fragrance of jasmine rice, the scent of lemongrass ... ahhhh~
i got the chance to visit thailand a number of years back. with my friend tina, we stayed in bangkok for a couple of days to see 'the sights' of the city, then head out to koh samui for some time on the beach. we also made it out to koh penyang for a night and spent time in a hut! my goodness, the glorious memories are floating back to me ... and, of course, the thai food (or, just "food" in thailand, i guess) was spectacular.
so, now in DC, i was looking for good thai food (there are lots of thai restaurants in DC - i wasn't sure what was good or not) and mentioned it to kera (my old boss at the restaurant). in almost an instant, she recommended 'regent thai' and continued to speak about the delicious flavors that come out of their kitchen ... soon after, my friend, angelina, came to visit DC. I took this as a sign to try out some tasty treats. hooray!
on a fresh pre-spring evening, we made the long trek to adams morgan (long because we're on foot - a preferred way of transportation). so, by the time we head made it out to regent thai, we were both famished (ok, ok, so i'm often feeling famished). we waited a little bit (just a little bit) and then were seated at a nice outside table. with a singha beer in hand, we began to leaf through the menu, salivating. everything sounded so so good! in the end, we decided on a few appetizers and a few entrees for sharing.
angelina and i shared good conversation and great food! the delicious scents that wafted from other tables definitely whet our appetites. when our food arrived (in timely fashions, of course) the savory combination of flavors definitely were pleasing to my (albeit self-proclaimed unrefined) palate. the service was good, the prices were not extraordinary, and the ambiance was good. i can see friends coming for a fun dinner, families coming for some yummy eats, a representative place for curious individuals new to thai food (warning - other places will disappoint post regent thai) - a great place for all walks of life!
yay thai food!

Monday, June 23, 2008

julia's empanadas

julia's empanadas
1221 connecticut avenue NW, washington, dc 20036 (i've only been to this location there are others - one in adams morgan, one in columbia heights)
tel: 202) 861-8828
hours: daily 10am-8pm-ish, friday-saturday until 4 am
what was consumed: empanadas (jamaican style, saltenas, spinach, etc.)
julia's is a place that i had on my list of "to go" for a long time (here and ben's chili bowl. as of right now, i have still not visited the DC local favorite that is ben's chili bowl - soon!!). when my friend, angelina, was in town, i finally got my chance to go (mind you, this was after a few hours at cafe citron. i was the designated driver (yay - we were responsible, boo - i had to be the responsible one (haha)) and ended up driving around a car-full of drunk folks. oh well~). in the least, i wanted to grab some good late night eatin'. the car-full of folks had no objections.
it was an early night, so the line wasn't too long (i've heard people tell me that they've had to wait a long while). it looks like, though, that julia's prepares for late night visitors, so their oven is packed full with empanadas. because there were lots of people with me during my first visit, we purchased a smorgasboard of flavors and then raced home to cut the varieties into smaller pieces in order to taste them all.
since then, i've visited julia's on a number of different occasions, none of which were during moments of inebriation. i've had the empanadas as snacks, as meals, as in-between-meals. always, i've been pleasantly surprised with my decisions. these days, i find myself ordering the 'saltenas' empanada. the combination of chicken, potatoes, and other veggies in a slightly spicy reddish sauce (i think it's slightly spicy; others may think otherwise) with the light and thin-ish flour wrapper makes for easy eating whether you're on the go or sitting down for a quick (or not so quick) bite. there isn't any seating at julia's (at least not the one off connecticut avenue), but that area of downtown is filled with outdoor seating options (e.g. farragut square). and because julia's makes the empanadas fresh and keeps them warm in a nice oven, the empanadas are warm, not dry, and always delicious.
all of this writing is making me hungry. maybe i'll swing by julia's for a little late afternoon snack (lucky for me, i work walking distance away - woohoo!).
on a side note: julia's is cash only. luckily, the empanadas aren't super expensive ... but way delicious!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


2450 broadway new york, NY 10024-1103
tel: 212) 362-2200
hours: sunday-thursday 11:30am - 11pm, friday-saturday 11:30am - midnight

what was consumed: salad, pasta, bread ...

there are lots of great eats in NYC. additionally, there are lots of great italian places in NYC. but how do you know what is good and what is not? my solution? ask. haha ...

the first time i went to carmine's, it was to meet my friend, paul, who is a long time NYC-er. christine was in school at the time and she didn't venture down anywhere south of midtown (she was in the upper westside). i was on holiday in nyc, on holiday in the states in fact (i was in seoul at the time). while i had had lots of good (a relative good, of course) korean-ized italian food, i could always use some GOOD italian food (especially italian food that was not sprinkled with kernals of corn - long story). paul suggested carmine's - and i'm glad he did.

there's something about italian food - pasta, pizza, etc. angela hair, spaghetti, linguie, etc. there's nothing like a large portion of pasta with a delicious sauce, coupled with some sort of protein-ous greatness. there's also something about consuming large mouthfuls as at time - the joy of the taste, the sense of it going to your stomach, the feel of contentment as it fills your empty belly. i often leaving such meals longing for more and looking forward to my next visit.

now, don't think about going to carmine's with a small group. their portions are large (family style) and you, for sure, want to try lots of different things (unless, of course, you're looking into massive amounts of leftovers, which still taste great by the way). yum ... let's go eat italian!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

father's office

father's office
1018 montana ave. santa monica, ca 90403
tel: 310) 393-BEER (2337) --> how awesome is this phone number?!?
hours: weekdays 5-ish to 1ish (kitchen closes 10-11ish), saturdays noon to 2am (kitchen closes at 11pm), sundays noon to midnight (kitchen closes at 10pm)
what was consumed: hamburger, sweet potato fries, BEER
so, connie has been raving about some place called 'father's office.' in fact, often in conversation, she will (still) mention 'FO' and semi-start planning our next visit there (mind you, we live on opposite coasts). i didn't really think much of it, considering my current east coast location, but when in, she was sure that we visited the joint.
it was a nice spring evening in LA when we began our venture out to FO. i was finally back in taking care of business and, per ush~, connie and i got together for some good times, good eatin's. while it was a saturday night, it was pretty late (past 9pm), so though we expected a line, we were hoping that we wouln't have to wait all that long. additionally, i was STARVING and was anxious to try these burgers. we found street parking (an arduous task in and of itself - you'd think with all of the cars in, parking would be easier, right? in my dreams ...) then head off to wait in the rather long FO line. now, waiting in line at FO is must different from other places. at many other locations, they'll take your name, maybe give you a pager, and give you an approximate time you will be seated. at FO, on the other hand, you wait in line until some people leave. once there is enough room to fit you inside, then they will let you in (they wouldn't even let us in to use the bathroom as we waited! my goodness ...). you see, at FO, there is no seating, per se. essentially, it has the look and feel of a bar - no waiter service, you order everything from the bar, and there are a couple of seats (seating, in actuality, is pretty sparse). but different from a bar, most people are or have eaten a full meal (ok, i'm not really one to say anything about this because i will eat full on meals at bars ... but i think you know what i mean). i suppose the skinny white guy working as the "bouncer" at the FO door gave me some reason to think that some part of this whole experience would be a little ... unexpected.
we FINALLY got in (ok, so we waited only about 15 minutes, but it felt like EONS) and were welcomed by a rather dark room, filled with people, and delicious scents of bugers, fries, and lots and lots of beer. connie and i lucked out and got a seat at the bar (luckily!) and quickly ordered sweet potato fries and a burger (to share) - they have other options of fries and entress, but connie insisted that the burgers were the bee knees. at FO, they only have 1 burger, cooked to order, on a french-ish roll with the option of arugula, grilled onions, and feta cheese. i don't know whether it is the way the burger is marinated, or the combination of toppings, or what, but the burgers at FO are de-licious!!!!!!
and may i say something about their beer selection? they have some great beers (i don't consider myself a connoisseur, but i have my fair share of beers) on tap, all lined up on their wall 'o beer. according to connie, their wine seleciton is not too shabby either (she's such a wine-o - hee hee). while the beers are significantly less expensive than the wine, it seems as though FO appeals to the taste of any patron.
later in the night, it seems as though the FO crowd became more ... intoxicated? more bar-esque, i guess. no matter - i was relishing in the good food, good drinks, and good company.
i went to the santa monica location, but connie recently told me that the new culver city location is now open. golly - yet another reason i want to go back to ... so so so delicious! i can't wait to go back ...