Saturday, July 12, 2008

ollie's trolley

ollie's trolley
432 11th street NW, washington, dc 20004
tel: 202) 347-6119
what was consumed: hamburger, fries, soda
there is nothing like a good hamburger place. as "unsophisticated" as burgers may be, this classic american food is something i often crave. being a native, there is a special spot in my heart for in 'n out - their fresh burgers, made the way you want, is something i make sure i savor when in their delicious fresh cut fries also tugs at my taste buds more often than not. here on the east, i have found the joys of five guys (which i have also already written about). the burgers and fries are delicious and there's just something about trying to stack your burger as high as possible with all of the add-ons five guys offers. but here's the thing - as far as i'm concered, ollie's trolley an addition to my list as a place to grab a delicious burger.
whenever i go to the e street cinema, i see ollie's trolley. prior to my visit, i was often intrigued by it's name and that when you look inside, there are these large jars of picked peppers (peter piper style - ha!). a friend of mine also mentioned that he had gone there in the past and had enjoyed their burgers. on the day of the yellowcard concert, some friends and i finally made our way out to ollie's trolley to make own judgements on the eatery's wiles. finally - woohoo!
just as other reviews say, when you walk into ollie's trolley, you begin wondering what sort of thing had been there before. maybe a cross between the concession stand of a circus or a chuck e. cheese-esque dining facility for kids. nonetheless, it's something that anyone with eyes will be able to ignore. you then come to a fast food style ordering counter. while others may be a bit overwhelmed by the array of options, i already knew i was there for burgers, so my mind was set! (don't get me wrong, i did spend some time vacillating between other options. i quickly reminded myself that i wanted to try the burgers ... hee hee)
now, when it comes to their burgers, i will have to say that they know what they are doing! the flavors and seasonings of the burger mixed in with the veggies and cheese take me back to the days of my youth when classic bbq-ed burgers were on the menu. and their fries - yum! the salty seasonings that are on the fries serve as a nice compliment to the loveliness that is fried potato. others in my party also had their shakes, of which the individual continued to rave. darn my mild lactose intolerance! i also got to try their pickled peppers - a huge plus to their already enticing menu.
ollie's trolley has a slew of other things on their menu - i will have to go back and try. or maybe i'll just stick to my 'norm' of burgers and fries~
perhaps ollie's trolley is a bit more expensive than the average burger joint - i understand that. on top of that, in these "hard" economic times, some may wonder whether dishing out the cash will be worth it. i will leave that up to you. but as far as i'm concerned, i will keep ollie's trolley in mind when craving a burger~

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