Wednesday, July 30, 2008

dr. granville moore's brickhouse

dr. granville moore's brickhouse
1238 h stree NE, washington, dc 20002
tel: 202) 399-2546
hours: monday-thursday 5pm-12am, friday-saturday 5 pm-3 am, sunday 5pm-12am
what was consumed: moules! and pom frites with dipping sauces/aiolis ... oh, and BEER
mussels, mussles, mussles! so so so delicious. so, when jess and christine, one day long ago, suggested trying out a "new" belgian place, i was not one to argue. i mean, come on - what is better than some delicious mussels, pom frittes, and belgian beer? very little, my friend, very little. granville moore's has a variety of different moules "flavors." be sure to drink up every last morsel - first with the mussels, then by dipping bread, and finally by dipping your pom frittes (maybe that last one is just something christine and i do - ha!). be free to try different types (or have people in your party try different ones) as to sample the variety here.
but before i go on, let me tell you a bit about the location of granville moore's. the first time we went, we searched up and down the street for about 15 minutes (and that's after we parked. godo thing it wasn't too hot outside!). and no, it's not really metro accesible (sucks!). we asked a number of individuals and it wasn't until we spoke with someone who worked nearby that we were directed correctly. you see, granville moore's doesn't have a large sign. in fact, the small sign, looking more like the informational plates in front of a doctor's office, barely indicated that a restaurant was behind its doors. no matter - once you walk in, the wondering scents waft through your nostrils as your stomach begins to grumble with hunger.
for those of you who are anti-shellfish, not to fear! granville moore's also has a selection of other deliciousness. of the rest, i would recommend the steak sandwich or bison burger and, of course, pom frittes. i've also tried their bison tartare, which is also delicious (though definitely appetizer in portions). i want to try their crabcake sandwich, salads, and other entrees, but there's just something about the moules~ i can't seem to order anything else. ahhh~
the last time i went back, there were a few alterations to the menu. they didn't have all of the dipping sauces from before (but they had some new ones, so the actual number of dipping sauces was the same). the prices were also a little different (which is probably expected, especially with the way the economy is right now ... drat!). nonetheless, i will find myself at granville moore's again ... soon! hooray!

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sharock said...

shar hearts mussels and frites.