Monday, July 21, 2008

dinosaur bbq

dinosaur bbq
646 west 131st street, new york, NY 10027-7948
tel: (212) 694-1777
hours: tuesday-thursday 11:30am-11pm, friday-saturday 11:30am-12am, sunday 12pm-10pm
what was consumed: bbq! and lots of it ... oh, and fried green tomatoes and chili
christine lived in nyc for a number of years and spent the majority of her time up in the upper west side ... or rather, the harlem area - so much goes on there! one of the great things up there was dinosaur bbq. on one of my visits from seoul to nyc, she insisted that we go there. now, at this time, i was new to bbq and was mostly preoccupied with eating all things american (remember, i had been in seoul for a while by now). "american" means bbq, right? haha - some version of that anyway.
now, christine warned me about their large portions of deliciousness. their large menu was overwhelming, so i left all of the ordering up to her. salads, fried green tomatoes, chili, bbq platters ... all of those things began to come out of her mouth as she began to order all of the different things for the few who were at our table. most definitely, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs (i.e., we ordered WAY too much food), but let me tell you, all of it was so delicious! the meat was seasoned well, the sauce was delicious (though i'll probably order sauce on the side the next time around - i'm not really a sauce person, as you know), the fried tomatoes were crisp, the chili was just a bit spicy (i like my chili a bit spicier, but i'll deal) ... oh, delicious bbq! the servers were also friendly and the rustic ambiance of the interior made eating bbq feel that much more appropriate.
since then, i have tried a number of different bbqs and am even intrigued to try more! but i will always remember the "early" days with my time at dinosaur bbq.
when christine and i went to nyc with willie, we made sure to visit dinosaur bbq again. now, i may go to the extent of saying that willie is a bbq aficianado. he knows good bbq (as well as good food, of course), so we wnated to see what his reaction was (i guess to make sure we weren't just a couple of korean american girls with carnivorous tendencies - haha). willie gave his thumbs up (woohoo!) and we often still speak of the bbq experience in nyc. the last time i was at dinosaur bbq, though, was with christine and willie - since then, the folks that i've been with in nyc have been more preoccupied with the southern parts of the city. but don't fret, dear dinosaur bbq - we will make it back! hee hee ...
oh, and just another note: for dinner, i've heard this place packs in quite quickly (and quite full). if possible, making reserverations is recommended (but for some reason, i feel as though making reservations wasn't an option? hmm ... i've forgotten). nonetheless, i'd say that if you're craving bbq, it's totally worth the wait!

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Jenny Kim said...

Heck yes! Dinosaur BBQ! I have a major crush on one of the owners of this place.