Friday, July 18, 2008

mcginty’s public house & restaurant

mcginty's public house and restaurant
911 ellsworth drive, silver spring, md 20910
tel: 301) 587-1270
what was consumed: shepherd's pie, beer ...
deep in the heart of texas ... oh, wait - whoops. i mean ... deep in the heart of downtown silver spring, md, there is a lovely irish pub/bar/restaurant called mcginty's public house.
i've been a number of times since my first time, but i'll have to say that i remember vividly the first time i was there. i had recently moved out to the DC metro area and some 'new' friends of mine lived what felt like a million miles away (from my current residence in SE, it was more like 30 miles - i used to drive that in all the time and it was nothing! oh, how things have changed). we decided to hang out in the "new" downtown silver spring in order to grab a bite to eat and then head off to the theatre for a late showing of 'jackass 2.' mcginty's, at the time, was the only thing that was open (because not everything that's there now was there then and because it was pretty late). no matter - we were all up for some irish pub food and good beers (both of which we got).
i ended up getting the shepherd's pie. there's nothing like a pile of mashed potatoes on top of meat and potatoes!! yum~ it's been some time since i was last at mcginty's, but i do remember that i enjoyed the food the other people ordered as well (hahaha - sharing is caring!).
i've also been to mcginty's on pub quiz night (yay pub quiz!!). we got there toward the tail end, so we didn't get to play as much as i'd like. it was also not all crowded and nuts-o (as is the case with fado - review to come) which is both good and bad (depending on my mood). nonetheless, if you're looking for a nice, quiet pub quiz, mcginty's is the place~

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