Wednesday, January 28, 2009


397 greenwich (at beach), new york, NY (there are a number of different locations, but i visited the tribeca location – check online for details)
tel: 212) 780-0577
hours: monday-friday 7am-8:30pm; saturday-sunday 10am-6pm
what was consumed: roasted turkey warm sandwich
i love new york city. things seem so accessible and while some things seem so far away (yes, queens IS far from “the city”), other things seem so close. on the way back down from a wedding in Connecticut (seriously, my friends david and nurys had one of the best weddings i’ve ever been to), christine (sister) and i stayed in NYC for a couple of night. monday was a holiday, but not all of my friends got the day off (it was one of those holidays where those working for/with the federal government get the day off, but those working for/with private companies don’t). so, when sharlene invited me out to lunch at ’wichcraft, i of course couldn’t say no – lunch with shar and a first-hand experience with tom colicchio’s place? i’m there. besides, i was indeed curious to see what ’wichcraft would be like.
when i first walked in, i didn’t really think anything of it. i’ve been to my fair share of sandwich places, cafes, and the like. the place was clean, not too much seating (from the sound of things, many people order their meals to go while on the run), and while it didn’t have the sense of warmth that many of the cafes i’ve been to had (maybe it was the weather – it was a rainy day), I did like the simplicity of the d├ęcor. i didn’t stand in line right away as i wanted to take in the entirety of the menu, to consider the combination of the flavors, to ... okok, fine – everything looked so good i was being my indecisive self and couldn’t decide on what i wanted to get. i ultimately chose a warm sandwich and agreed with christine to share our selections (seriously, that’s the best way to go – sharing IS caring!).
now, i am not an expert on flavors and i’ll be the first one to admit that i do not have the most sophisticated of palettes. things either taste good or they don’t (and most things taste good). but there was something about these sandwiches that really did place them above the sandwiches from other eateries. while i still enjoy other sandwiches, the rich flavors of those at ’wichcraft brought such joy to my taste buds. some people may say, “heck, i paid $10 for a sandwich – it had better be good!” but that’s exactly it. many a sandwich have i had that cost even more than that and tasted no where near as good. in fact, i probably would have paid more, knowing that the sandwiches would be so delicious (though i probably wouldn’t frequent ’wichcraft as often provided that it’s an option). my point is, the ingredients of the sandwiches really are as top notch as the chefs/restaurateurs intended them to be (in my opinion, of course – what do i know!?). next time, i will have to try the soups ...
a little side note: while a side of fries would have overwhelmed the meal and taken away from the grand flavor of the sandwiches (which wasn’t an option anyway – no fries), i have to admit that i would have ordered some had they been an option. heck – everything is better with fries ^_^
until next time, ’wichcraft, until next time!
868 mission street, san francisco, CA 94103
tel: 415) 593-3895
what was consumed: the reuben (yum!)
during my trip to SF, i visited 'wichcraft. i had enjoyed my visit when in nyc and wanted to know if there were any differences on the west coast. now, the person i spoke with on the phone when i called their hotline (for information) wasn't too informative, though i supposed that's neither here nor there about the SF location because the hotline is for all locations. anyway, parking in SF always super sucks so my friend and i parked in the lot near the metreon. we walked into 'wichcraft (after visiting another friend at the jewish contemporary museum - what a great museum!) and was delightfully surprised by the large dining area (i.e., we didn't have to scope out a place to sit as we did in nyc). that was a nice change. the sandwiches came out in a timely fashion and were as delicious as i remembered. this time around, i ordered the 'rueben' which was good (per usual). friend had the pulled pork which was additionally good because there was a spicy flavor that brought out the delicious pork flavor. when i go to 'wichcraft next time, i think i will get that. yes, i'm still all about sharing (which is how i got to try it!), but still ^_^