Sunday, March 30, 2014


@360 mall

what was consumed: noodles! 

i love noodles (that's probably the primary reason i cannot go paleo, if i wanted to, that is). i love noodles in all shapes and sizes. there can never be too many noodles. 

knowing that wagamama was in kuwait, it was a must visit for me. what's more, it was a perfect before/after movie meal at the 360 mall :D

wagamama has a whole slew of noodle options (and, from what i remember, a slew of non-noodle options as well, spanning the entire pan-asian cuisine). i found it odd that wagamama was so empty every time i visited, only to remember that i sought after the less busy times because 1) i eat like an american (as opposed to a kuwaiti) and 2) crowds suck. no matter. the noodles still hit the spot.

i remember when there was a storefront in penn quarter (in wdc) teasing us noodle lovers that a wagamama was due. and then, years later, the sign was taken down and no wagamama appeared. i'm glad to have gotten to try (and super enjoy!) this chain of restaraunts ... in kuwait of all places!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

cafe bazza

cafe bazza
bneid al gar, salmiya, the souq are in the avenues, and and and ... locations continue to increase!

what was consumed: kuwaiti! shrimp murabian, chicken majbous, mezze, etc.

how have i not yet written about cafe bazza?!?!?

cafe bazza was the first place i sought after for kuwaiti food. and since then, i have visited quite a few times and will frequently take guests (i usually go to the bneid al gar location, which is conveniently located next to caramel bakery. hehehehe) for good eats coupled with good ambiance. whenever i go, the cafe is usually filled with hip young kids (both girls and boys, though not necessarily together), which i take as a good sign.

when i first heard about cafe bazza, it was for their brunch - the standard foul, hummus, etc. with bread coupled with more western options. i've found myself enjoying those mezzes at all times of the day. i particularly enjoyed the salad dressing atop the fresh bazza salad - a bit tart, but not too sweet, topped with grilled halloumi cheese (which i love).

this was also the first place i ordered shrimp mourabian and decided it was my favorite. nicely seasoned shrimp with fragrant rice mixed with a bit of the soup provides a mouthful of flavor that i can't describe. what i will say, though, is that i've always ordered shrimp mourabian after enjoying here at cafe bazza.

cafe bazza, thank you for that introduction. i have visited you often since then. may it continue!

online: (the website is pretty much all in arabic, but that's ok ^^ )

Friday, March 28, 2014

stone grill

stone grill
@omniya mall - ibis hotel, salmiya

what was consumed: meat on a rock, fried chicken filets (they're called something funny - like flying chicken, or something - but i can't remember)

every time i go to the patchi store (or just drive from AUK home on salem al mubarak street), i see the stone grill sign and remember that i need to go. the interior sort of reminds me of bars/restaurants in korea. or maybe it was because there were quite a few tables of koreans sitting when we entered (yes! here in kuwait!). either way, i was excited about finally being able to go.

meat on a rock! that's stone grill's schtick. the stone is heated to, like, a billion degrees and delivered to your table where you then cook your raw steak (or chicken or whatever), to your liking. the novelty of it in makes it a must go, at least once. but the good quality of the meats is an expected bonus. i don't know if something like this would fly in the states, but who cares! this is kuwait! so, be careful for your fingers, but be sure to check out stone grill - i'm glad i did!


don't mess with me.
haha - just kidding. more than anything, i look confused. per usual. hehehehehe

Thursday, March 27, 2014


@the village

what was consumed: tacos, burrito, chips and salsa

i am a sucker for mexican food. when you grow up in, you can't help but to always crave it (along with korean, mexican is my comfort food). i could probably, and maybe have, eat chips and salsa all day long. and so, when i heard about azteca, i was super excited.

i was still relatively new to Q8 when i visited azteca, so even getting there was an ordeal (now, i cruise around town like a pro - ha!). at the time, the village only had a few restaurants and was still relatively unknown (though now it has loads of people and parking super sucks). and so, it was no surprise to see that azteca wasn't brimming with patrons (we also did go earlier than the more typical late-night kuwaiti dinner time).

i was happy to see that azteca's ingredients were fresh and homemade (do they have a choice?) they had "beef" carnitas (are they carnitas, then, if they're made with beef?) and corn tortillas, which i prefer. i'm so happy to know that the kuwaitis will not be without my beloved mexican food, thanks to places like azteca. now, if only i can easily find parking there ... hahaha.