Thursday, March 27, 2014


@the village

what was consumed: tacos, burrito, chips and salsa

i am a sucker for mexican food. when you grow up in, you can't help but to always crave it (along with korean, mexican is my comfort food). i could probably, and maybe have, eat chips and salsa all day long. and so, when i heard about azteca, i was super excited.

i was still relatively new to Q8 when i visited azteca, so even getting there was an ordeal (now, i cruise around town like a pro - ha!). at the time, the village only had a few restaurants and was still relatively unknown (though now it has loads of people and parking super sucks). and so, it was no surprise to see that azteca wasn't brimming with patrons (we also did go earlier than the more typical late-night kuwaiti dinner time).

i was happy to see that azteca's ingredients were fresh and homemade (do they have a choice?) they had "beef" carnitas (are they carnitas, then, if they're made with beef?) and corn tortillas, which i prefer. i'm so happy to know that the kuwaitis will not be without my beloved mexican food, thanks to places like azteca. now, if only i can easily find parking there ... hahaha.


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