Saturday, March 29, 2014

cafe bazza

cafe bazza
bneid al gar, salmiya, the souq are in the avenues, and and and ... locations continue to increase!

what was consumed: kuwaiti! shrimp murabian, chicken majbous, mezze, etc.

how have i not yet written about cafe bazza?!?!?

cafe bazza was the first place i sought after for kuwaiti food. and since then, i have visited quite a few times and will frequently take guests (i usually go to the bneid al gar location, which is conveniently located next to caramel bakery. hehehehe) for good eats coupled with good ambiance. whenever i go, the cafe is usually filled with hip young kids (both girls and boys, though not necessarily together), which i take as a good sign.

when i first heard about cafe bazza, it was for their brunch - the standard foul, hummus, etc. with bread coupled with more western options. i've found myself enjoying those mezzes at all times of the day. i particularly enjoyed the salad dressing atop the fresh bazza salad - a bit tart, but not too sweet, topped with grilled halloumi cheese (which i love).

this was also the first place i ordered shrimp mourabian and decided it was my favorite. nicely seasoned shrimp with fragrant rice mixed with a bit of the soup provides a mouthful of flavor that i can't describe. what i will say, though, is that i've always ordered shrimp mourabian after enjoying here at cafe bazza.

cafe bazza, thank you for that introduction. i have visited you often since then. may it continue!

online: (the website is pretty much all in arabic, but that's ok ^^ )

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