Friday, March 28, 2014

stone grill

stone grill
@omniya mall - ibis hotel, salmiya

what was consumed: meat on a rock, fried chicken filets (they're called something funny - like flying chicken, or something - but i can't remember)

every time i go to the patchi store (or just drive from AUK home on salem al mubarak street), i see the stone grill sign and remember that i need to go. the interior sort of reminds me of bars/restaurants in korea. or maybe it was because there were quite a few tables of koreans sitting when we entered (yes! here in kuwait!). either way, i was excited about finally being able to go.

meat on a rock! that's stone grill's schtick. the stone is heated to, like, a billion degrees and delivered to your table where you then cook your raw steak (or chicken or whatever), to your liking. the novelty of it in makes it a must go, at least once. but the good quality of the meats is an expected bonus. i don't know if something like this would fly in the states, but who cares! this is kuwait! so, be careful for your fingers, but be sure to check out stone grill - i'm glad i did!


don't mess with me.
haha - just kidding. more than anything, i look confused. per usual. hehehehehe

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