Sunday, March 30, 2014


@360 mall

what was consumed: noodles! 

i love noodles (that's probably the primary reason i cannot go paleo, if i wanted to, that is). i love noodles in all shapes and sizes. there can never be too many noodles. 

knowing that wagamama was in kuwait, it was a must visit for me. what's more, it was a perfect before/after movie meal at the 360 mall :D

wagamama has a whole slew of noodle options (and, from what i remember, a slew of non-noodle options as well, spanning the entire pan-asian cuisine). i found it odd that wagamama was so empty every time i visited, only to remember that i sought after the less busy times because 1) i eat like an american (as opposed to a kuwaiti) and 2) crowds suck. no matter. the noodles still hit the spot.

i remember when there was a storefront in penn quarter (in wdc) teasing us noodle lovers that a wagamama was due. and then, years later, the sign was taken down and no wagamama appeared. i'm glad to have gotten to try (and super enjoy!) this chain of restaraunts ... in kuwait of all places!