Sunday, June 15, 2008


2450 broadway new york, NY 10024-1103
tel: 212) 362-2200
hours: sunday-thursday 11:30am - 11pm, friday-saturday 11:30am - midnight

what was consumed: salad, pasta, bread ...

there are lots of great eats in NYC. additionally, there are lots of great italian places in NYC. but how do you know what is good and what is not? my solution? ask. haha ...

the first time i went to carmine's, it was to meet my friend, paul, who is a long time NYC-er. christine was in school at the time and she didn't venture down anywhere south of midtown (she was in the upper westside). i was on holiday in nyc, on holiday in the states in fact (i was in seoul at the time). while i had had lots of good (a relative good, of course) korean-ized italian food, i could always use some GOOD italian food (especially italian food that was not sprinkled with kernals of corn - long story). paul suggested carmine's - and i'm glad he did.

there's something about italian food - pasta, pizza, etc. angela hair, spaghetti, linguie, etc. there's nothing like a large portion of pasta with a delicious sauce, coupled with some sort of protein-ous greatness. there's also something about consuming large mouthfuls as at time - the joy of the taste, the sense of it going to your stomach, the feel of contentment as it fills your empty belly. i often leaving such meals longing for more and looking forward to my next visit.

now, don't think about going to carmine's with a small group. their portions are large (family style) and you, for sure, want to try lots of different things (unless, of course, you're looking into massive amounts of leftovers, which still taste great by the way). yum ... let's go eat italian!


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