Thursday, December 5, 2013


area 8, street 80, al shaab, al bahri, kuwait
tel: 22659590,22659598

what was consumed: omakase menu, an assortment of rolls
yay for japanese food!

there was a rumor that edo was the place that, at one time, all of the japanese diplomats sought out for a taste of home. i don't know how true that is today (i hear lots of them go to kei - i have not yet been! one day. one day!), but i wanted to check it out for myself. having lived in japanese food friendly places in the past, and having the ability to eat massive amounts of sushi in one sitting, i feel that while i may not be the best judge of good japanese food, i'm not a bad one.

the ambiance at edo is quite nice. you can sit at the sushi bar and watch some of the chefs put plates together, or you can opt for the more standard eating arrangement (and they'll accommodate small and large groups). edo serves some solid rolls, though they lean toward being expensive.

every time i go to edo, i see quite a few expats. i'm sure there are many reasons why they go, the food just being one of them. i imagine i'll find myself back at edo sooner than later.


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