Thursday, November 28, 2013

al yarmouk club aka "the joint"

al yarmouk club aka "the joint"

hat was consumed: hummous, garlic sauce (aka tthoum), fattoush, mixed grill, chicken tikka

there's a little shwerma place near the embassy that has some long arabic name that i was never told (and i never took the time to ask or to read. hahaha. so much for the months of arabic language training!). instead, i hear embassy staff (at least the RSO) refer to it as "the joint." j and g couldn't stop raving about the place (and they kept going without the rest of us!). the rest of us finally got our acts together and made a plan for a midday lunch off the embassy compound, a rare treat.

the server (i don't know what else he does at "the joint") is charming and likable. he likes to play the "i got your plate! do you want your plate? here you go ... whoop! i still got your plate!" game. the first time, and for the first person, it's sort of funny. but that's one game that i don't find funny in repetition, especially when we're on a crunch for time and all i want to do is eat.

honestly, i didn't even look at the menu. i'm sure there are lots of other things that are delicious. but with this being the first time, we had j order. and soon enough, plates of food started to appear on our table. overall, the food was fresh, the meats were juicy and well seasoned, and the hummous/tthoum combination! be sure to include that in every little mini sandwich that you make and it'll melt in your mouth. it just makes everything taste better.

and that our entire meal was just a couple of KDs each was total icing on the cake.

all right, guys, when are we going to "the joint" again? sooner than later, please.

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