Wednesday, September 25, 2013

al watiya

al watiya
in the bebehani complex, kuwait city

what was consumed: kuwaiti cuisine!

when i ask friends to recommend kuwaiti restaurants, many will respond with, "oh man, my mom makes the BEST kuwaiti food!" ummm, so where's my invite? thanks for nothing, "friend." i'm working on it. but until then, i have al watiya.

al watiya has a large array of traditionally kuwaiti cuisine: maschboos, mourabian, and a whole array of hamour dishes. they also serve stereotypical middle eastern fare, quite deliciously if i might add.

al waitya sits in a traditional space within the bebehani complex in kuwait city. the tables are set within a home built with traditional kuwaiti architecture. as a result, it's great for those who are new to kuwait in that you get the opportunity to see that homes were not always the massive concrete structures (or high-rise apartments) that seem to line the kuwaiti coast today.

al watiya is also next to some of my favorite places - dar al funoon and the amricani center - a total bonus. just a quick note about their service: al watiya is definitely for the days where you are looking for a more leisurely meal. and if you're running short on time, you'll have to do some (polite) prodding. just sayin'.

i've been back to al watiya with friends and with guests. each visit was way fun and totally worth the wait! i'll have to visit al watiya a few more times while i can - nom nom nom ...

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