Thursday, September 19, 2013


what was consumed: arabic breakfast

down a small street near z's (former) place is the cute little ryoog. it's not near a large strip of restaurants or in a highly populated area. but that doesn't keep patrons from this tiny gem. the tables are covered with gingham cloth (one of my favorites, it turns out), though the coveted seats are the ones that are next to the window. there isn't a great view (it looks out into the street), but there's still the appeal of a window seat.

z and i went to ryoog for a leisurely brunch on one of the days we had off (i'm not sure which one. also odd because i usually try to get out of Q8 on those days. but i digress). still, there was a bit of a wait before we were seated. while waiting, we drooled as we looked at the display case of cakes and pastries available at ryoog.

between the two of us, we opted to share an arabic breakfast (really, this is the way to go). it's quite a hefty portion of hummous, cheese, veggies, foul, etc. served sort of "english tea" style. and since everything is spread on ryoog's bread, one order goes a long way. the ingredients were fresh, the flavors were solid, and the service was nice. we easily sat through multiple cups of coffee as we enjoyed the food and enjoyed each other's company.

i once did see another colleague of mine there. he is a son of a baker (how cool is that!) and so mentioned to me on numerous occasions that he's rather particular about his bread. at ryoog, he was sitting in front of a large basket. i'd say that that's a good sign. lots of points for ryoog!

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