Saturday, September 14, 2013

the early bird

the early bird
location: jabriya
tel: 25343009
hours: 0500-1500 (closed on sundays)

what was consumed
: monte cristo, breakfast club sandwich, bottomless drip coffee (!!!), country-style potatoes

brunch has turned into a regular thing. ok, so it was a regular thing back at home, so i'm happy it's one of those things i'm able to continue doing while overseas. kuwait has quite a few options for an "american" brunch. or an american breakfast that comes pretty close anyway. i was never really one for breakfast overall (i was the one who always ordered lunch items during brunch), but it has really grown on me.

so, knowing my predilection for going out to eat and looking for good food, lots of people have asked about my thoughts on the early bird. it's taken me a yer and half, but i finally made it! woohoo!

we got to the early bird at a pretty regular brunch hour (10:30ish) only to find all of the seats occupied (note to future diners: it's a tiny place - 4 top inside, 4 top outside (and when it's 100+ degrees, i will opt for the air conditioned inside)). so, we put our name on the waiting list, and then went to the starbucks around the corner to wait for the call.

when we finally got a table, we took a quick look at the menu and put in our order. the menu is what you'd see at any greasy spoon, denny's, etc. pancakes, waffles, omelets, (beef/turkey) bacon, hashbrowns, etc. but it's a nice respite for those who've spent so many years in the U.S. (aka so many kuwaitis!).

honestly, there's nothing particularly extraordinary or gourmet or fancy pants or blah blah blah about the early bird. BUT, you can get some solid favorites that hit close to home (and are, therefore, so heartwarming) especially when home seems so far away. and THAT is totally worth it.

and, oh! they have drip coffee! and they give complimentary refills! i've missed this american luxury. and so, on principle, we all had seconds.

i can see why people love it at the early bird, for better or for worse. i'll be back. for sure.

p.s. all of this brunch talk reminds me of the bloody mary burger at matchbox back in WDC. i could go for one of those right about now :/


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