Sunday, August 18, 2013

souq mubarakiya

souq mubarakiya
@kuwait city

what was consumed: grilled meats, fattoush, hummous, lemonade with mint, lots of iranian bread

open air markets are one of the best things ever. in kuwait (and the rest of the middle east for that matter), we call them "souqs" and the one in kuwait is called "souq mubarakiya." here, you can literally get anything you want and while very little of it is made in kuwait (like much of the rest of world, lots of the stuff is made in china :/ ...), it has the "smell" of kuwait, as my mom would say.

that said, i still love the souq (though not in the summer when it feels like it's a thousand degrees outside) and look for any and all opportunities to go.

one of my all-time favorite places to eat "local" is also at the souq. there is an area that is set up like a more western "food court" and each of the places seem to sell similar fare (minus the one eatery that sells pizza. i know. weird). i tend to frequent the first one, run by folks of eqyptian decent. i've been there enough to have the only english speaking server ask me why i don't come more often. either i'm the only asian person who visits as a patron or he really remembers all the different characters i take to his eatery (i think it's the former).

the first time i went, i was brand new in kuwait, just a few weeks in. friend s and i sat and ordered a bunch of different things, not really knowing what we were ordering. all we know is that the food started coming out real quick. a plate of veggies to put in the endless service of iranian bread (omg, so delicious! the bubbly flat bread that was cooked in the ovens that you can see (and smell!) as you walk by), grilled meats that are lightly seasoned (if at all) but cooked just right so that they're still juicy and tender, all covered in the hummous that you scoop in mass quantities. and fattoush that is lightly seasoned with a tangy dressing topped with crisped bread. and don't forget to take a sip of the delicious lemonade with mint that i can't seem to get enough of (and can't seem to make at home. what is the secret?!).

every time i return, i seem to order the same variation of things. but it's THAT good. also, i don't know what else is on that menu (i.e., the menu lists options, but doesn't have any descriptions. oh well). oops. but that's ok because i can't seem to get enough of what i do order! so grab a seat, order up, and enjoy! i will most definitely be back. see you there!

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