Thursday, August 1, 2013


@kuwait city

what was consumed: green papaya salad (extra spicy), healthy fresh rolls, banana leaf chicken, crispy thai fries, pad thai, chicken green curry, cashew nut chicken, chocolate cake (molten!), sticky rice with mango

as much as i like oriental cuisine (see below), i find myself frequenting ubon when i want to enjoy thai cuisine.

the first time i went to ubon, i didn't know what to think of it. it was in the middle of a pretty banking/ministry heavy area kuwait city (quite a few restaurants have popped up in that block since then), but it was pretty hip with contemporary decor, a catchy playlist, and, of course, delicious food.

now, everyone has that one thing per cuisine that they use to determine whether that restaurant will be up to par. for me and thai restaurants, it's papaya salad. admittedly, i didn't eat a whole lot of papaya salad that one time i was in thailand years ago (honestly, i didn't know about it back then), but i have since come to love it and use it as my gauge as to whether i will enjoy any given thai restaurant. ubon's? delicious. the fish sauce they use as a dressing is present, but not overwhelming. the papaya is pickled, but not too much (so it's still a little crunchy). and you can order it pretty spicy! that's good. imo, i can go for a few more peanuts and green beans, but i'm still ok with it as is.

a friend of mine once said that one should never order a dish that one may easily make at home because that defeats the purpose of eating out. now, while i don't necessarily agree with the entire statement, i agree that i should enjoy foods that i can't/don't make at home. and so, while i've tried quite a few items on the ubon menu, the tried and true menu item that i enjoy the most is the chicken green curry. if you're a fan of coconut based curries, this is the way to go. be sure to order the steamed jasmine rice (they're served/sold separately) ... and enjoy!

i have since returned to ubon on countless occasions and am happy to each and every time! and so, ubon, don't you worry! i'll be back. have your papaya salad, healthy fresh roles, and chicken green curry waiting for me. yum!

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