Sunday, August 11, 2013

hello kitty cafe

hello kitty cafe
location: bidaa, near the movenpick hotel

what was consumed: panini, hello kitty mousse (vanilla)

yes, there is a hello kitty cafe (HKC) here in kuwait. it opened sometime last fall/winter (2012), if i'm not mistaken. at first, i was a little shocked that something like that would open its doors here. and then i remembered where i was and was then not surprised. rather, there was a little flame of joy in my heart, even though i'm a my melody fan (as you all SHOULD know), NOT hello kitty. all that said, i could not wait until my chance to visit HKC.

now, here's the thing: i usually see guys occupying most of the tables in front of the HKC which is waaay weird (imo) and has deterred me from venturing inside. but seeing as it was the first day of eid al-fitr and HKC was actually open, L and i couldn't not go in ... !!! it was also the 3rd place we tried to go to - it's the first day we could actually have lunch outside. why weren't more places open?! and if they're not going to be open (which is fine), why did they say that they were going to be open!? but, per usual, i digress.

HKC. right when you walk in, you are overwhelmed by hello kitty cuteness. we couldn't help but to take some photos. luckily, we weren't the only ones, as every other customer did practically the same.

as for the food ... HKC offers quite a variety. including pizzas in the shape of hello kitty's head. of course. but you know all of those candies that you grow up getting your mom to buy for you from the sanrio store? that was sort of the sense that i got when eating my panini. think of that what you will. i did make a comment about the food being expensive (or more expensive than usual for this sort of "thing"), but i know that you're also paying for the experience (totally worth it!). our server at HKC was kind (albeit slower that i'd like, but par for the course here) and dealt with all of the moving we did (downstairs, upstairs, then back downstairs).

if not for the cute overload, go to HKC at least once to enjoy their mousse. yes, it's sort of creepy because it's in the shape of hello kitty's head and you end up eating into it (we may have made some disturbing comments about eating the "eyeballs" first). that said, the mousse was pretty delicious. creamy, but not too sweet, in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mango flavors. i'll likely want to come back at least for this.