Wednesday, December 18, 2013

container 75

container 75
jabriya block 1a, behind champion gym
tel: 25310075

more for the kuwait burger challenge!

container 75 ... ! it's literally a shipping container. with seats. and a kitchen. from where they serve burgers. and other yummy things to eat. and so, it was a pretty easy decision to head to container 75 as a new addition to the Q8 burger challenge.

there are just a few seats inside container 75. there were enough to accommodate our small group. we were also there at a reasonable dinner hour (7ish) so the container wasn't crowded. i imagine it's quite crowded later in the evening and i did see their delivery guy go in and out quite a few times.

we started our meal with some jalapeno poppers, fries, steak salad ... you know. some usual things. per others' recommendation,  i ordered the steak salad (the price seemed a bit high) and i'm glad that i did. it's important to have veggies, of course, and having quite a bit of steak accompany with the greens is always a plus.

... and then the burgers! container 75 offers quite a few burger varieties. i like that container 75 allows you to select whether you want your burger as a slider or as a regular sized burger. it lets me know that my burger is made to order and not sitting in the back just hanging out for someone to order it.

i frequently think about going back to container 75 for burgers. the Q8 burger challenge continues, but i imagine i'll be back eating in this container sooner than later. nom nom nom. hurrah!

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