Tuesday, December 24, 2013

red lobster

red lobster

yes, red lobster is in kuwait (along with a slew of other american chains, of course). the first, i believe, was at the avenues (in the grand avenue. red lobster opened at the same time as the olive garden and the cheesecake factory, neither of which i've eaten at here in kuwait). the second is in the area next to the palms. and while i prefer locally owned places over chains (i will sometimes poo poo on chains. despite visiting frequently. hahahaha), there's something about seeing them when overseas that brings a sense of ... comfort. when red lobster opened, there was a bit of excitement, at least on my part. the reason, more than anything else, was because of this:

l and i met for dinner one day for the sole purpose of eating delicious cheese biscuits. we made sure cheese biscuits, and as many as we wanted, were going to be served to us. we both ordered lunch-portion dishes and proceeded to ask for basket after basket of the warm and soft cheese biscuits. i'm normally not a bread-y person, but there's something about these biscuits - the cheese and the savory salt that is sprinkled on top. nom nom nom. l and i may have had a few baskets a piece, which incited a bit of shock (and maybe agitation) as we kept asking for more. and ingested them all before leaving the office.

must. go. back. hehehehe.

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