Sunday, April 19, 2015

herb chicken 포차

herb chicken 포차 
이화 점

what was consumed: a cup of spiced fried chicken, tator tots, and rice cakes

it seems odd that i would include street "fast" food here, but it's just so good not to mention. 

when on the streets in front of eehwa women's university, there's a street food vendor that, turns out, is really popular. they take bite-sized pieces of fries chicken, rice cakes, and fried tator tots (yay tator tots!), and mix it together with a slightly sweet, slightly spicy sauce. they'll then pour the ingredients into a cup, hand it to you (after you pay), and you use toothpicks to enjoy the fare as you continue walking around.


i've seen this particular brand of chicken in a cup in other locations. i guess it's possible for street food to be franchised as well ... ??? either way, i'm happy to enjoy the few bites as a snack. always. and per usual. hehehehe.

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