Monday, April 27, 2015


44-17 Yongsan-dong, 2 ga

what was consumed: chicken wings! in lots of different flavors.

in the spirit of fried chicken, friends and i wanted to go korean-ized american style chicken wings. so, friends and i ventured to phillies on a thursday evening after work for the HH wings special.

phillies prepares wings in the way that americans bars frequently prepare wings: lightly breaded, fried, then doused with sauce. phillies offers the usual buffalo wings, but they also have a slew of other flavors! sweet and sour, soy garlic, tikka masala, ... , etc. because we wanted to try a few different options, we were glad to be a rather adventurous 4-top that was willing and wanting to try a bunch to decide which was our favorite (the answer is all. of course).

phillies also has a pretty good veggie platter with a delicious (they say home made) dill ranch dip. i wish it was also offered with the wings, but i was happy to pay for a side order of it. yum.

in the style of lots of dining locations in the HBC, phillies offers both craft beers along with more usual korean favorites. yay for lots of draft beer options! 

"they" also say that phillies plays a lot of the US games (namely american football), so for those of you wanting to do some sportsing, phillies might be the place to go. and let me know if you do because i could always go for some chicken wings. wootwoot!


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