Monday, April 13, 2015

1st 도마

1st 도마
서울 서대문구 창천동 5-50
tel: 02) 392-8592

what was consumed: beef! served kilograms at a time. partly marinated, partly plain (i like it plain). accompanied by kimchee stew, salad, and other bbq-related bahn-chan.

oh, korean bbq (or, as they say in korea, just "bbq"), how i love you.

friends got together after others had visited 1st doh-mah with an former language teacher. they had a great experience and wanted to share with others. i was happy to be a part of that subsequent group ... !!!

in some ways, 1st doh-mah is just like any other k-bbq place. some booths, some free-standing tables. once your server takes your order, it's a flurry of activity. there's an in-table place, usually in the center of the table, where the servers will place the wood-charcoal (yes! one of the preferred methods) fire for cooking your selected meat. additionally, there's a gas burner for kimchee stew that comes with your meal (in addition to all of the other bahn-chan) to ensure that your stew comes to a boil right in front of your eyes. delish! 

at 1st doh-mah, you order your meat by weight. the general rule of thumb is 250g per person (about a pound a piece), but let's face it. i definitely can, and do, eat more. per usual, i will place a piece of deliciously cooked meat into a piece of lettuce, and shove it in to my mouth while grinning widely :D some people will dip the meat in a sauce, but i like it just as it is.

ooh, so hungry. let's go to 1st doh-mah now! 

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