Friday, April 17, 2015

noodle kimbap

noodle kimbap 
(near eehwa women's unversity: 서대문구 이화여대8길 2, 120-808)

what was consumed: 김밥! 그리고 주목밥! both in a few different styles with a few different fillings.

the area around eehwa women's university is known for some of their eats, especially ones that are popular among young college women. as a result, i'm usually more than happy to try any establishment that has been around, any place that has "made" the cut. and if friends initiate or want to come along, all the better!

friends and i were looking for a night on the town (i.e., a night of eating) in an area that wasn't our neighborhood. isa took the lead, and i was happy to follow along. friends j and j were also in town, so i was happy that we could all get together to form a large group. we decided to start the night with some bites of rice at noodle kimbap. 

noodle kimbap offers a variety of rice balls and kimbap. i would recommend going in groups in order to give yourself an opportunity to try as many as possible. some are wrapped in kim (seaweed) while others are intended to be consumed wrapped in lettuce leaves. there is a deceptive amount of rice that ultimately gets consumed, so be prepared for some massive belly expansion in order to accommodate the happy taste buds. 

and so, whether it's for a meal or a snack/appetizer, be sure to put noodle kimbap on your list!

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