Wednesday, April 29, 2015

전주밥차 (jeonju babcha)

전주밥차 (jeonju babcha)
서울특별시 종로구 종로1가 (ground floor of Gran Seoul)

what was consumed: jeon-ju style korean food

the strip of restaurants at the base of the gran seoul building is known as "shik-gek-cheon." from what i understand, these restaurants were showcased in a sort of long-running comic strip, by the same name, highlighting different korean foods. or is it that these restaurants were created to reflect the different types of food highlighted in the long-running comic strip? i forget. point is, they're there, and i'm wanting to go through the list of deliciousness.

for lunch one day, a group of us head over to jeon-ju bahb-cha. one of our local staff took the lead (of the many things they are awesome at, one is knowing the delicious places to eat). for less than USD10, you can eat as much of the jeon-ju style comfort foods as you can within your lunch period. 

i'm only now learning the subtle differences that make up the different regions on korea. that is, while much of korean cuisine might be standard, the way in which different dishes are prepared and the versions that are presented are, of course, region specific. here, they serve vegetables, more salad than deeply fermented, lightly dressed with the korean standard (soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, a bit of crushed chili flakes). the veggies are served raw and are crunchy, providing a great texture in contrast to the soft rice. and the pork! spicy pork that has been marinated in a spicy, red chili sauce (goh-choo-jang), cooked on a skillet. yum.

the different dishes are served cafeteria style, though the decor at this eatery is far from the institutional and fluorescent feel of stereotypical cafeterias. rather, it reminds me of the large parties my parents used to throw where large plates of food were presented to guests and one would take as much (or little) as one would like to consume.

but be sure to get there early because the lines can get long and the seating is limited. but even if there's a bit of a wait, take the time. i wonder if the menu is always the same, variations of the same, or completely different on a daily basis. i'll have to go again and try, just to be sure. you know. hehehe.

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