Wednesday, April 15, 2015

tera rosa

tera rosa
multiple locations (i visited the 광화문 점: 서울 종로구 종로1길 50(중학동) 더케이트윈타워 B동 1F)

what was consumed: lunch special! including roasted chicken and corn salad.

looking for a delicious and quick, western, lunch option? be sure to check out tera rosa! social sponsor and i met up for lunch and he'd wanted to check out tera rosa. i was happy to accommodate!

tera rosa offers a variety of items on the menu. we, however, opted for the lunch special. fancy cafeteria style, the set price included a variety of options, including a protein and vegetable dish. i like variety and asked for a little bit of everything; they indulged me.

we are always in the process of looking for delicious lunch options. because there are so many people doing the same, we must race out of the office at 11:30 in order to ensure first seating. if you don't, eating won't happen until well after noon, which puts me in a time crunch. and so, in addition to the delicious fare, i appreciate tera rosa for their ample seating. there is more intimate, cafe-like seating; however, tera rosa also offers cafeteria-style seating that is good for groups in particular. 

i imagine their lunch special changes as different ingredients become available. i can't wait to see (and try) what's next!

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