Tuesday, April 21, 2015

연대포 (yeon dae poh)

연대포 (yeon dae poh)
서울 서대문구 창천동 52-71

what was consumed: 딸기 막걸리, 김치두부, etc.

on the streets in front of yonsei university, there are lots and lots of places to eat. so when we looked for a place that specialized in mock-guhl-lee, the reviews let us to yeon-deh-poe. apparently, in the style of yogurt soju, yeon-deh-poe offers fruit-y mock-guhl-lee options, in addition to lots of other more typical korean bar fare (soju, beer, etc.)

in the tradition of most korean bars, patrons must order food along with their drink. this is where i come in. one of my favorite things to order at these places is kim-chee coo-boo. kimchee, usually sautéed with other ingredients (usually onions and slices of pork), is places on slices of warmed tofu. i'll make it at home sometimes, but it is fun to enjoy with others. also, when i order this, first time-ers will often look at me with confusion, wondering about the combination and question its deliciousness. those individuals are usually the ones who consume the deliciousness when it comes as they realize what a great mix of flavors kimchee + tofu is.

i also like that, almost immediately after you sit down and order, yeon-deh-poe brings out a whole slew of dishes that come with your meal. corn in cheese sauce, some seafood soup, veggie sticks for dipping, etc. i imagine these dishes change with time and season, but i like that they are regularly provided. this, of course, is in addition to thhe food that they ask you to order. hahaha.

the decor at yeon-dae-poe isn't particularly special. picnic-style seating, some chair, mostly made of wood. it's dark inside, posters from the alcohol companies adorning the walls (which isn't too bad as most ads feature korean celebs - yay!), a few other little things the owners add. but for me, this sort of decor is really nostalgic. it reminds me of being in college, of being in korea. sigh. nice.

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