Thursday, April 23, 2015


서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 181-8
tel: +82 2-797-8226

what was consumed: one of everything! tacos, that is. and tamales. and my favorite? kimchee fries. YES.

i remember a time when being able to eat taco bell 8 hours after items were purchased was the highlight of the year. and now, chefs have come out with creative ways to mix korean and american style mexican food - my two comfort food genres. and so, vatos has turned in to a regular place for me to visit. for kicks, with guests, whenever.

the first time i went to vatos, friends and i went specifically to order "one of each." vatos serves their tacos in pairs and triplets. we sat down, ordered drinks, and ordered one of each of their tacos, primarily just to say that we did, but also, for me, to see which of the options i prefer. my recommendation? the short rib taco in a corn tortilla (flour is the default, what the koreans prefer. i like corn!). the beef is marinated  in just the right amount of korean spices, topped with just a few fixin's, including a cabbage slaw. sort of similar to the "kogi" truck, style. that said, grab your appetite and try one of each and decide for yourself which you like! hehehe.

and the kimchee fries! sounds weird, but the combination is really great. a bed of french fries, topped with carnitas, then topped with kimchee (though i'll have to ask them to go easy on the onions next time). i sometimes dream about these fries. for reals.

speaking of drinks, vatos provides healthy portions when it comes to in-house beverages. i like their georgia peach ice tea because while it's a little on the sweet side, the peach flavor is yummy and it's served in a very large mason jar. hehehe. i hear vatos were the first to offer the beergaritas (a margarita with a bottle of beer stuck in the glass) as well as makolitas (a margarita + makgoli (korean rice wine) combo). they also serve a variety of local craftworks microbrews. yay for local!
so, when do you wanna go? now? excellent. see you there!

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