Thursday, April 9, 2015


녹사평대로 54길 7 (용산구 이태원2동 704)

what was consumed: thin crust pizza, cheese plate, roasted nuts, and on-site micro-brewed beer!

of the great many things i love about my local staff, they're also great resources when it comes to delicious places to eat as well as trending locations (this, of course, in addition to being able to do some research on my own). so when kgj suggested we go out for beers at one of his favorite places, who was i to protest? in fact, and rather, i insisted (hehe).

magpie is conveniently located in an area increasing in popularity for tasty treats, near where most of the expats venture, on the nok-sah-pyeong side of itaewon. i guess convenient is relative. it's location is convenient for me. there are usually groups of people standing outside, enjoying a pint, mostly expats. looks like it's convenient for them too.

magpie has a list of pretty tasty pizza options. they make all of your pizzas to order, which means it takes a bit more time. that said, it also means they will accommodate  special orders and personalized requests. bonus.
their level 1 is where they brew the beer (from what i understand). next door, on the B1 level, is where they offer more seating, and where they make the pizza (you can order pizza on either level). polished (?) cement seems to be the primary choice for decor. i like that that gives it a bit of a brewery and almost rugged feel. also interesting is that magpie has bar seating, western style. i don't see that very often, but am happy to see it as sitting at the bar (alcohol or not) is probably one of my favorite places to sit at comfortable restaurants like this.

magpie is definitely on my list of places i take my guests, especially the beer enjoying ones. and even for those who are not, a must go. i've certainly been back, already and happily, multiple times.

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