Saturday, April 11, 2015

골목 vinyl & pub

골목 vinyl & pub
용산구 녹사평대로 222, 이태원2동, 서울특별시140-861
tel: 02) 790-5979

what was consumed: drinks! and dehydrated veggie snacks. and bar nuts (though these are complimentary).

calling all vinyl lovers! if you haven't been already, be sure to head to goal-moke for somme drinks and some tunes played on vinyl. goal-moke has a large wall filled with vinyl after vinyl. you can peruse and once you find one (or many) tunes you'd like to hear, you take it to the DJ who will then incorporate your request in to his playlist (though not on fridays and saturdays. but the DJ is good! go to listen to good tunes). 

goal-moke is a bar in almost completely a western sense (they're located in the heart of the international area of itaewon. makes sense). as a result, they don't have a whole lot of food. but they have a few great snacks. and that they've chosen these particular snacks is what i'd like to comment on. in particular, i couldn't get enough of the dehydrated veggie sticks. i know, sounds weird, right? i don't know how they're prepared or even if they're prepared in house (i think you can purchase this off the shelf - must. find. it), but love that it's a part of their menu. i am frequently tempted to order an entire order just for myself. when did i start worrying i would look like a pig? 

goal-moke have a pretty standard drink list, though i will also comment that their prices are a little on the high side. or higher than other places, anyway. but i look at the price as including admission and the chance to hear (possibly) good music. in a chill environment. so be sure to put in your requests early and often to ensure you will hear your favorites.

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sharock said...

you know i love vinyl. definitely a spot to check out if i ever make it to korea.