Tuesday, March 31, 2015

동빙고 (dong bing go)

동빙고 (dong bing go)
서울특별시 용산구 이촌동 301-162
tel: 02-794-7171

what was consumed: 팥빙수! 그리고 녹차빙수

shaved ice with red beans is a traditional korean dessert, especially enjoyed in the summer. in the past, i wasn't particularly a fan. and so, when my cousin suggested we go, i had a "meh" look on my face. he said the reviews for this place inn particular were really good and that he had heard about it before. and when we arrived, we saw the long line of people waiting outside. a good sign. and then, after enjoying dohn-bing-soo's fare, i will say that i am a bing-soo convert. and especially if it's served in the dohn-bing-soo way, i will have s'more, and often, please. even in the winter!

paht-bing-soo is shaved ice, with a large dollop of (usually condensed) milk accompanied by a serving of sweetened red beans, with a couple of rice cake bites. when it arrives, one an either mix all of the ingredients together (this is how i enjoy it) or eat it like one would ice cream. it's a nice way to cool down in the summer, and definitely a cool dessert treat.

dohng-bing-goh, though, prepares the paht-bing-soo differently. instead of plain shaved ice, they freeze the milk and then shaved the frozen milk, so that the paht-bing-soo base is delicious and creamy. they stew the sweetened red beans in house, daily, so that the red beans are always fresh and not too sweet or syrupy. they also make the the rice cake bites in house, assuring that they are soft, chewy, and do not harden when placed in the shaved milk. 

ddohng-bing-goh also offers a few other paht-bing-soo flavors, and a couple of options without the red beans. i like the green tea and so will often coerce friends to come along so that we can go share-sies - one regular, one green tea.

rain or shine, cold or heat, turns out i'm always up for some dohng-bing-goh bing-soo. nom nom nom ...

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