Friday, March 27, 2015

paul bassett

paul bassett
multiple locations

what was consumed: coffee ... with nitrogen!

i've been seeing paul bassett as a premier coffee shop all around town. turns out, paul bassett is a famous (?) barista turned coffee artist. i'm not sure about the history behind his involvement with these coffee shops (i imagine there's at least a little as his name is being used), but it definitely has created a designer-feel to this chain. name what coffee beverage you want! the baristas will likely be able to make it for you.

my draw, though, was the coffee served with nitrogen (only cold, of course), in the style of nitrogen-filled beers (a la boddington's). i had heard about this being an option/new phenomenon, so i had to try. they pour you a "pint" of coffee that looks more like a cup of foam. i think you're supposed to drink the foam, though i was hoping for some bubbly coffee. that sort of sounds weird, but i was intrigued. by the time the foam subsided (the foam that remained, anyway), the remaining coffee tasted like ... coffee. but fun! a good experience.

i've also been told that paul bassett serves some delicious soft serve. i will argue that soft serve in seoul, for whatever reason, is super delicious. i'll have to try paul bassett's version next. and soon! 


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