Sunday, March 15, 2015


서울특별시 강남구 신사동 588-9
tel: +82 2-3446-5539

what was consumed: 갈비찜. 그리고 만두

kenny, it's been so long!

when i asked kenny to take his pick on where to have lunch, he chose kang-nam myun-ohk. 

we started the meal with some 왕만두, large man-doos, steamed. and, frankly, larger than i thought they would be (even though they're called "king" dumplings). hote and piping, a nice start to the meal.

on to the 갈비찜! admittedly, their kalbi-jjim is a little on the sweet side for me. that, however, did not prevent me from consuming, literally, my weight in beef short ribs. the ribs are marinated and cooked so that the meat is tender and just fall off the bones. yeah, they give me some tongs and other utensils to facilitate the eating, but let's be real: i just used my hands and proceeded to eat in silence, mostly as to not be rude and eat with my mouth filled with deliciousness.

there's nothing particular about the decor. they have some traditional "sit on the floor" seats along with tables with chairs. but let's face it. decor or not, i will be going back for a healthy portion of protein prepared in a delicious fashion.

also. they valet here. it's a bit of a trek from the subway, so i would recommend driving if that's an option you have. it's krw 1,000 and if you're like me, it's worth it. hahahaha ... 

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