Thursday, March 5, 2015

bear flag fish co.

bear flag fish co.
7972 e. pacific coast highway in the crystal cove promenade, newport beach, ca 92657
tel: 949) 715-8899

what was consumed: poke. lots of poke. and fish tacos.

stacey and i got together to catch up while eating delicious things. leave it to stacey to suggest delicious locations!bear flag fish co. offers delicious seafood options. stacey tells me that they are known for their fresh pokē (pronounced "poh-kee" for us lay-folk), a hawaiian raw salad/tartare usually made with tuna. we got a combination of pokē, pokē on salad, and fish tacos. more pokē please!

bear flag fish co's pokē is served by weight. and with guacamole. and chips. YES. we opted for a pound of pokē and while there was pokē also on a bed of greens, i could have eaten our entire order on my own. and the fish tacos! fresh, delicious, with a nicely prepared pico de gallo that tops the grilled (not fried) fish in the taco. YUM.

bear flag fish co. has multiple locations. i visited the one off PCH. i imagine, on a clear day, the view out on to the ocean would be incredible. sadly, it was overcast when we met (booo). but it didn't detract from our delicious meal. i can't wait to go back!


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