Saturday, March 21, 2015

놀부집 부대찌개

놀부집 부대찌개
multiple locations

what was consumed: 부대찌개

nohl-booh-jip is my go-to place for boo-deh-jjee-geh. i guess in a way it's one of a variety of korean style hot pots.

before checking out a film, friend kenny and i head over to nohl-booh-jib for some comfort food. boo-deh-jjee-geh consists of a big pot, with a bit of beef stock, filled with all sorts of things, like dried ramen noodles, rice cakes, hot dogs, spam, and beans. as the story goes, the last couple of ingredients result from supplies koreans received after the war. i like it, though, as it provides the saltiness for the soup. as you hat and nibble on some bahn-chan, the soup cooks all of the ingredients together. and when the soup is nicely and boil-y, you know the ingredients have cooked and a ready for consumption.

i hear that some of the ingredients in this dish are as a result of interactions between the koreans and the military (specifically US). i don't know how true that is, but at this point, it doesn't matter. i'm just glad that boo-deh-jjee-geh is in my life. hahaha.

whether the day be hot or cold, there's always a time and place for boo-deh-jjee-geh. yay!

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