Thursday, March 19, 2015


서울 김밥
서울 종로구 당주동 128-18 
tel: 02-723-3391

what was consumed: 모듬김밥, 라볶이, 오뎅국 ...

social sponsor told me that work folks had a contest for the best kim-bahb. he and the local staff chose seoul kim-bahb. that was reason enough for me to insist we go there.

there isn't anything particularly spectacular about seoul kim-bahb. they cram in as many chairs as you can and sort of look at you when you finish your meal with a look that says, "hey, a paying customer could be sitting in your seat." and you'd better keep that in mind. if you're not there soon after we break for lunch at 11:30am, you might as well wait for the second seating because the tiny eatery fills up pretty quickly. but don't fret! they also deliver.

as you sit down, be sure to put in your order quickly. the food comes out in the order the orders are received and you surely want to be first in line. as you wait, the ladies will bring some o-deng soup as you start with the kim-chee as you wait the few minutes before the different parts of your order appear on your table.

while an order of "all kim-bahb" might seem like a lot (it is, definitely more than a roll), there's something about getting a few bites of most kim-bahb flavors that makes it so appealing to me. and if you have lah-bbok-kki sauce to dip it in and some o-deng soup to wash it all down, there are fewer things that are better than that. 

the downside is that seoul kim-bahb is further away than some of the other kim-bahb joints (by, like 2 mins. but during lunch, every minute counts!). that said, friends and i make it a point to run out to seoul kim-bahb when we get a hankering which is 1) often and 2) totally worth it.

i took dad there for a quick bite to eat when he was in town. he gobbled down the entire meal with a huge smile on his face and commented on how "these" are tastes of home. agreed!

let's go! NOW.

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