Tuesday, March 10, 2015

cafe tolix

cafe tolix
서울시 용산구 한남동 32-26
tel: +82 (2) 797-0313

what was consumed: tteokbokki with 'lil octopus, korean gnocchi in dwenjang cream sauce

hi seoul!

my first meal back ... at cafe tolix. thanks social sponsor, what a great choice!

my return to seoul was a bit of a homecoming. i knew seoul had changed. a lot. and while i was looking forward to some of my old food favorites, i was lookin g forward to some of the new treats that would be ahead of me. i asked my social sponsor to take me out to eat, preferably korean (or fusion); he nailed it!

according to ss, cafe tolix is one of his girlfriend's favorites. i the sort of hip hannam-dong neighborhood, the area boats really cute cafes and the like. sometimes more attention is paid to the decor and ambiance than is the food, which is unfortunate. imo, cafe tolix hit the mark on both fronts.

and the food! cafe tolix offered some really nice fusion options. korean favorites, like ddukbokki, served in a nice cream sauce. and while they seemed only to have a few options to choose from, the ones that we did were flavorful and interesting. i'm curious to try other things on their menu; i hear the options change with what's in season. good!

a welcome first meal in seoul. thanks, cafe tolix, for your delicious welcome and  a great start to what i know will be some amazingly delicious days ahead!

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