Sunday, March 29, 2015

다모토리 (dah-moe-toe-rhee)

다모토리 (dah-moe-toe-rhee)
서울시 용산구 용산동2가 44-18
tel: 070-8950-8362

what was consumed: galbi platter, korean pancake, 막걸리

near what we call the kimchee pot gate is a strip of restaurants and eateries also known as heh-bang-chon or HBC. so, i was happy to take friend lauren's recommendation as we head there for a night of girl-talk and catching up.

dah-moe-toe-rhee specializes in mock-guhl-lee, traditional rice wine. they have a wall of all sorts of mock-guhl-lee options and the servers seem well versed on which ones are sweet, which ones are dry, which ones have what flavors, etc. 

dah-moe-toe-rhee boasts some delicious fair. the short ribs were prepared well and the chive salad that accompanied was a nice combination. a bit of chive salad with a bite-sized portion of short ribs really did offer the perfect bite with just the right amount of chew accompanied by a little bit of crunch, savory with just a smidge of sweet and spicy. yum.
dah-moe-toe-rhee has a sort of artsy decor, more dark than light, with lots of dark wood. and for whatever reason (maybe the utensil and plating selection), a sense of traditional sophistication. i can't even describe it. what i do know is that lauren tells me they had her favorite mock-gul-lee and i thought the food was delicious. definitely a place you should go, if you haven't already. i'm sure to be back. i hope it sticks around!

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