Tuesday, March 3, 2015

mosaic bar and grill at the montague

mosaic bar and grill (at the montague)
30801 coast highway, laguna beach, ca 92651
tel: 949) 715-6020

what was consumed: shrimp cevice, lobster salad, and a delicious burger!

there is no better way than to spend an afternoon at the beach when the weather is absolutely gorgeous, with good friends and good food! so, when kdk and mbb were in town, i was happy to meet up with them. that it was at laguna beach, so close to my hometown, i was happy to share a bit of my childhood with them.

the montague has an incredible reputation for its facilities and its service. just by virtue of this laguna beach location, i'd say that all of the talk is for real. as a result, the food, service, and vie at their mosaic bar and grill is no different.

as a group, and per usual, we decided that we were going to order a few things and go share-sies. we opted for a few things that was fitting of our mood - cool, fresh, and delicious. also note that all of the dishes came with ample amounts of (perfectly ripened) avocado. ahh, california, i miss you when i'm away.

thank you, mosaic bar and grill, for offering the fare that you did. because, as we sat, overlooking the beautiful view of the pacific ocean as we had good food and good conversation, the meal was just perfect. 


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