Monday, March 23, 2015


multiple locations

what was consumed: fried chicken! regular, and both kinds of garlic. and the spicy chicken with squid specialty.

yay 치맥! fried chicken and beer has been a classic and worthy combination for some time. and while it seems like it's popularity is a recent trend, i will beg to differ as it is something i've been consuming in mass quantities (though less the beer these days) for quite some time.

oh-bbah-dahlk is a local chain of fried chicken joints. they say that they bake oven bake their chicken, but it tastes as crispy and juicy as fried options. but healthier! or so they say. i will take it!

oh-bbah-dahlk offers a variety of options - regular, garlic, sweet garlic ... so crispy and delicious. so when you go, be sure to try them all. and with mugs of beer - the real chi-mek way. and invite me!

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