Tuesday, August 26, 2014


various locations

what was consumed: falafel sandwich

when i first got to kuwait, i was determined to do quite a few things. finding my favorite falafel and being able to order in arabic. i was not successful at the latter, but you can be sure i did my darned-est to do the former!

while falafel (i've learned) is a breakfast food, or a snack, it's an anytime food for me. and so, i was happy to try the falafel at canary. and their falafel sandwiches are simple, without a lot of the other additions that other places offer. i prefer the simplicity! i wish i had returned more frequently to eat more falafel and to try their other fare. next time!

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Robert Mooney said...

I'm totally with you on the simplicity thing. Some of the best foods I've had -- even in food-famous places like Paris -- have been among the simplest.