Monday, August 18, 2014

the porch cafe

the porch cafe
the avenues' grand avenues

what was consumed: arabic spread on flatbread, eggs benedict (i think), coffee

m (who i used to work with) and i met one day to have "drinks" while meeting with one of her proteges (i miss m!) we sat at the home-y and comfortable porch cafe.

when kdk came to visit, i was determined to find the porch cafe, mostly for the ambiance. the decor is really nice and people watching from the 2nd floor is also loads of fun. while it was a bit of a goose chase, we finally found the cafe and made ourselves at home.

we enjoyed the arabic spread on flatbread. yes, there was probably little that went in to preparing the dish, but that it came out together was the key. i wish they served it with another piece of large bread as we tried to make the spread last as long as possible. i try to find ways to mimic the flavors with the zaatar i've purchased. we'll see how close i can get. the eggs benedict, on the other hand ... i'd forgotten to tell them that i didn't want any hollendaise, so we got a very interesting spread on top :/ that didn't prevent us from eating, though. hahaha!

i like that porch is by deer and dear, a kuwaiti company. i'm all for encouraging kuwaiti youth to do more with their time and more out of their lives. yeah!

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