Thursday, August 7, 2014

(life with) cacao

(life with) cacao
grand avenue, the avenues mall

what was consumed: coffee, open faced sandwich, pesto gnocchi, club sandwich, and the nutella brioche (which, i think, was a special) ...

each time i raced through the avenues' grand avenues to run my errands as quickly as possible, i couldn't help but notice that the tables at (life with) cacao were always filled. it couldn't be just the prime location, right? i had to try.

my brunch bunch made sure to make it to grand avenue early - we wanted to avoid the crowds and get in on the first seating. and i'm glad we did. we were quickly seated and shortly began drooling at the various dishes that started coming out of the kitchen.

while it was brunch-time, we started with dessert (the nutella brioche with ice cream and candied bananas), or maybe we can categorize it as a sweet breakfast? a sweet and delicious way to start the meal. and then our more lunch-y foods started rolling out.

all in all, i'll say that (life with) cacao has an enjoyable menu. the ingredients were fresh and cooked well. and the gnocchi was as delicious as it was pretty (loved that shade of green!). we gobbled up every last fry and enjoyed the sandwiches, only to wish our stomachs were bigger so that we could eat more. and that we (life with) cacao essentially only has the prestigious "outdoor" seating the avenues-goers love (be seen in the right place doing the right thing), i bet, is icing on the cake.


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