Sunday, August 24, 2014

seven burgers

seven burgers

what was consumed: burgers and fries ... go to!

on a cold winter day, at a kuwaiti film festival, the seven burgers folks were in attendance, in their food truck, serving burgers. i had heard about the truck and seen it driving around town, so after a bit of mulling over (and by a bit, i mean 2 seconds) i was happy to try it for myself. even though i had post-film festival dinner plans.

ok, so my food came out a little smashed. it jostled on my way back from the truck and rattled as i was chattering in the "cold" (user error. i was unprepared). but oh boy, was the burger delicious. the potato bread was nice and soft and the patty was cooked just right, with the juice in tact. i like that they give you quite a few sauce options for the fries, but i would recommend you either order the sauce on the side or no side sauce as they cover the fries with sauce.

oh, seven burgers, where are you going next? see you there!

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